Coolsculpting FDA-Cleared To Tighten Neck Skin

Tighten neck skin

Coolsculpting FDA-Cleared To Tighten Neck Skin

Doctors say a solution to clear up the look of a double chin is to tighten neck skin. Coolsculpting is now FDA-cleared to help improve lax skin around the face. The appearance of a double chin has men and women seeking answers, and Coolsculpting can now help fix this common problem area. Coolsculpting is an innovative procedure that reduces unwanted fat by controlled cooling. Cosmetic procedures to tighten neck skin have gained popularity, according to the American Society of Dermatological Surgery.

“85% of men and women who are considering cosmetic procedures are ‘bothered by excess fat on any part of the body’ with 70% of those consumers saying they are particularly bothered by ‘excess fat under the chin/neck and skin.’ After

excess fat, 60% of consumers are bothered by sagging facial skin, including lax skin under the chin and around the neck.”

The non-invasive procedure to tighten specific areas like neck skin, will be a game-changer. Using the CoolMini applicator for this type of treatment can target both concerns that patients have of submental fat and lax skin under the chin.

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How Does Fat Freezes Away?

Coolsculpting is a cutting-edge treatment that works to reduce fat, like stubborn bugles, using controlled cooling. It does not require surgery and there is little to no downtime. In the following weeks, the body naturally processes the fat and removes the dead cells. Treated fat cells are gone for good, leaving lasting results.

CoolMini Applicator

The makers of Coolsculpting have designed an applicator to target and contour certain parts of the body, like the neck and chin. In 2015, the CoolMini was FDA-approved to fit under the chin area and tighten neck skin. It was intended to improve the double chin. It is a device that Chief Research and Development Officer, David Nicholson, was proud to present.

“We are pleased this patient concern can successfully be addressed by CoolSculpting through a non-invasive approach, and furthermore improve the appearance of lax tissue in the treated area by tightening neck skin,” said Nicholson.

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Studies Show Results

An 18-week clinical study was helpful in getting this part of the procedure approved by the FDA. It showed that 77% of patients saw their appearance of lax skin improve and 75% of patients said their chin was more toned after the treatment.

Similar results were shown in a study done by the Journal of Dermatological Surgery called ‘Cryolipolysis and Skin Tightening.’ Researchers saw vast improvements in before and after pictures, which led to a survey of Coolsculpting patients. It reports that those men and women saw consistent improvements in skin texture and laxity.

Coolsculpting Near Me

Tightening Neck Skin could lead to a new and improved look. With the use of the CoolMini, your double chin could be gone in no time. Is Coolsculpting right for you? Book a consultation with SKINNEY Medspa online or by calling (212) 754-6639.

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