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skinney medspa

SKINNEY Medspa was founded with a dream to create an “all in one place for beauty”

SKINNEY Medspa takes pride in providing their clients with professionalism and superior results. SKINNEY Medspa is able to do this by using the industry’s latest technology, an educated staff, and outstanding customer service. SKINNEY Medspa’s founders Adriana and Marisa Martino began their passion of anti-aging skincare early on. Driven and determined to create an anti-aging facility that combines a beautiful and fun atmosphere with advanced, high-tech technology, the sisters started their search for the perfect location. After opening its doors in 2009, SKINNEY Medspa has treated thousands of clients successfullyThe staff at SKINNEY Medspa are trained extensively with a proprietary method that sets our technicians apart the rest. The SKINNEY team has unsurpassed client care that allows SKINNEY Medspa to be New York’s busiest Medspa.

In 2012 SKINNEY Medspa began their search for their second location. The owners had a vision to create a place where you can have a full service all in one beauty experience. The twin sisters approached one of the worlds leading hair salons, the Warren Tricomi Salon and pitched the idea of joining forces. Having seen the value and opportunity of partnering with SKINNEY Medspa, Warren Tricomi green lit the project and the search was on for their “dream location”. Upon opening its doors in late 2013, SKINNEY Medspa + Warren Tricomi were called “the all-in one beauty heaven by Vanity Fair. Several other notable major publications wrote about their success including Elle Magazine, Glamour Magazine, Vogue and many more.

Most recently SKINNEY Medspa teamed up Dr. Hadley King, MD a leading dermatologist who boasts an impressive resume, having graduated from Harvard and Columbia Med School with honors. Dr. Hadley King is precise and conservative using fillers and Botox to slow down the aging path, in a subtle and unique approach.

Adriana and Marisa Martino are on the forefront of laser skincare and other non-invasive technologies, keeping up to date with the newest and the latest technology offering new services like PRP and High Tech Laser Facials. Up next for Adriana and Marisa is to finish working on their Medical Grade product line and launch 4 unique products set to be sold worldwide. The product line is called “SKINNEY Medspa in a Bottle.” We want you to bring our Medspa results home with you.”

– Marisa Martino, Owner

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