5 Surprising Causes of Summertime Acne


Having the ideal beach body won’t free you from the shadow of being overly self-conscious if your skin is broken out in acne. Unfortunately, summertime is notorious for introducing factors that cause or worsen existing acne.

AOL Beauty reveals some surprising causes of summer time acne, interviewing skin care experts to offer insights and solutions in the article “5 sneaky reasons you’re getting summer acne.”

Your sunscreen may be causing Acne

Too much sun exposure can exacerbate acne, unfortunately, so can the wrong sunscreens. Many sunscreens contain ingredients that are known to clog pores. But, not wearing sunscreen is a great way to cause unsightly brown spots, accelerate the appearance of aging, and increase the likelihood of skin cancer.

So how can you protect your skin from the sun in the summertime, and still avoid acne breakouts? AOL provides some solutions. “If you have acne-prone skin, it’s essential to avoid sunscreens that contain oil and are labeled ‘noncomedogenic,’ The most notorious types of sunscreens associated with acne breakouts are ones containing titanium or zinc. Water resistant sunscreens can also cause acne. To reduce your chances of acne breakouts caused by sunscreen, opt for Sunscreens specifically formulated for acne prone skin. Also, sunscreens specifically designed for the face tend to be less oily, and therefore less likely to clog your pores.

For more summer time beauty tips, check out this article from SKINNEY Medspa, featured in Mimi Chatter.

Your ice cream cone may cause acne

For many people, ice cream is a summer time tradition, but as AOL explains, studies are beginning to reveal that “dairy products can trigger breakouts even if you’re not lactose intolerant or don’t have a dairy allergy.” For insight on the topic, AOL interviews skincare authority, Dr. Hadley King, a NYC dermatologist at SKINNEY Medspa. Dr. King identifies hormones found in milk as the acne causing culprit, explaining that “these hormones are in the fat component of milk.” For those who wonder if their favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavor is behind their random acne breakout, Dr. King advises “try fat-free dairy options to see if your acne clears up.”

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Your shower may cause acne

After coming home from the beach or a day spent venturing the great outdoors, the first thing most people want to do is hop in the shower to clean off the dirt and sweat that accumulated throughout the day. But if you are washing in hot water, this may exacerbate your acne. AOL asks Dr. Jeanette Graf to explain. “Washing with hot water dries out your skin and can worsen your acne.” She also advises AOL readers to “be mindful of the ingredients you use in the shower.” Certain shampoos and conditioners contain oils known to cause back acne. Her advice is to “use your body wash as your last step” doing so will wash any hair product residue that can clog your pores.

Your workout clothing may cause acne

While hot showers may cause acne, it is important to remember that not showering may cause acne as well. Especially after working out. When you are done with your exercise routine, AOL suggests you change out of your athletic apparel as soon as possible, citing that the “longer you stand around in tight, sweaty clothes, the greater risk for getting dreaded back acne.”

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Your headphones may cause acne

Another acne culprit associated with your workout routine may be your headphones, especially if you use over the ear headphones. AOL explains “sweat and bacteria can collect around the padding and compress into your skin.” If you are noticing acne breakouts that form around your temples or run along your jaw line and think your headphones may be the culprit, you don’t have to forego listening to your favorite tunes. Simply remember to wipe down your headphones before and after use. You can also clean your face with makeup remover towelettes for extra measure.

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