SKINNEY Medspa and Warren Tricomi Featured in Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair breaks the latest in Fashion news with “Top-notch Skinney Medspa has teamed up with the Warren-Tricomi salon to open a comprehensive beauty haven in the Flatiron, offering all manner of cosmetic enhancements under the same roof, with shampoo and coloring stations.”

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Vanity Fair, America’s favorite news source for pop culture, fashion, and current affairs featured SKINNEY Medspa on the magazine’s beauty blog this week. Vanity Fair’s piece, titled “Skinney Medspa and Warren-Tricomi: The Newest One-Stop Beauty Sanctuary focused on the recent partnership between Adriana Martino and Marisa Martino, owners of SKINNEY Medspa, the luxurious medical and skin spa NYC residents have come to acclaim, with Joel Warren and Edward Tricomi, internationally known hair colorist and hair stylist and owners of the world famous brand Warren-Tricomi Salons.

The expert staff at SKINNEY Medspa

The article in Vanity Fair highlights the high standard of expertise that distinguishes SKINNEY Medspa as the best skin spa in NYC, claiming SKINNEY Medspa’s founders, the Martino twins, as having never “met a laser they haven’t mastered.” Vanity Fair also complimented the Martino twins for recruiting New York Plastic Surgeon, Dr. David Rapaport, formerly the chief resident at Harvard Medical School, to work as the head doctor at the Martino twin’s SKINNEY Medspa locations.

Cosmetic and Skin Care Services from SKINNEY Medspa

Vanity Fair listed some of its favorite cosmetic and skin care treatments offered at SKINNEY Medspa touting that the SKINNEY Medspa “menu ranges from laser hair removal and dermal fillers to cellulite-blasting Liposonix and fat-freezing CoolSculpting, to the ever popular Vampire Facelift..”

SKINNEY Medspa teams up with Warren-Tricomi at Flatiron Location

As rising stars in the cosmetic industry, the Martino twins could not have made a more fitting partnership than with Warren-Tricomi, the world famous brand of hair salons and top end hair products founded by Joel Warren, Hollywood’s most popular hair colorist, and Edward Tricomi, hair stylist of the rich and famous, such as Hollywood director Tim Burton, who after experiencing a haircut from Edward Tricomi, was inspired to write the  Blockbuster movie Edward Scissorhands.

SKINNEY Medspa on 5th Avenue: Your One Stop Spa for all things Health and Beauty

skinney medspaWith Warren-Tricomii and SKINNEY Medspa now teamed up at their Flatiron location, patrons can be pampered from hair to toe in a single trip to SKINNEY Medspa’s new location at 125 5th Avenue, NYC, NY, 10003,  which Vanity Fair is quick to point out  “is perhaps the most appealing aspect—the sheer convenience of it all in one location. Because this concept works for their clients, the quartet of founders have plans to expand (look for Skinney Medspa to appear in more Warren-Tricomi locations, most likely the Plaza hotel next, and the menu to include spray tans and lashes soon). As Martino expresses, “We want to make women feel beautiful without having to taxi all over town.””

Check out the full article from the Beauty Blog in Vanity Fair: “Skinney Medspa and Warren-Tricomi: The Newest One-Stop Beauty Sanctuary” to learn more about the SKINNEY Medspa’s new Flatiron location and its partnership with Warren-Tricomi.

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