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Skinney Medspa in Houston, Texas

Skinney Medspa is a luxury treatment facility in the heart of New York City. For years, the medspa has brought its top-rated cosmetic services to the amazing people in NYC. Now, this well-known establishment run by identical twins, Adriana and Marisa Martino, is expanding outside of New York.

You can now find Skinney Medspa in Houston, Texas. Read on to learn more about the facility, our treatments, and how we bring exceptional medical aesthetic treatments to Houston.

What Does Skinney Medspa Houston Offer?

According to the Houston Chronicle, The Galleria’s cosmetics and beauty floor is now the “second top-performing location after New York.” Martino adds, “and the retail collaboration offers an “all-encompassing beauty” experience — allowing clients to shop for concealer and mascara before stopping in for, say, a hydrafacial or fat-freezing treatment.”

Skinney Medspa is not like most medical spas. In fact, they set themselves apart from the rest by offering some of the most unique services and products available in the cosmetic industry. When patients visit a Skinney Medspa location, they receive a customized facial completely tailored to fit their skin needs. Best of all, patients enjoy true luxury with the use of the French wellness line Biologique Recherche and plant-based skin treatments. Other popular skin treatments include laser hair removal, microneedling, photo facials, chemical peels, skin tightening, cellulite reduction, facials, and acne reduction treatments.

Aside from these treatments, Skinney is well-known for providing body contouring treatments CoolSculpting, CoolSculpting Elite, and Emsculpt NEO. These treatments achieve impressive fat reduction and muscle contouring, always at an affordable price. Treatments like CoolSculpting and CoolSculpting Elite crystallize and kill fat cells, flushing them out of the body through the lymphatic system. The body sculpting treatment, Emsculpt NEO, reduces stubborn fat and tones, strengthens, and firms muscles for a total body transformation.

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According to the Houston Chronicle, Martino says, “the small Houston wellness destination also houses Skinney’s eponymous, recently rebranded product line, which touts pharmaceutical-grade skin-firming and anti-aging properties. “Treatments in a bottle.”

Skinney Medspa Houston Consultations

If you want to learn more about the exceptional luxury services available at Skinney Medspa, call their Houston Saks Fifth Avenue location to schedule a complimentary consultation. During this initial appointment, you interact with the expert staff of Skinney Medspa. This visit is a chance to see their pristine facility in person and discover the multitude of services they have to offer. Skinney Medspa is proud to offer something for everyone, no matter what type of body or skin you have.

Consultations at Skinney Medspa include a detailed evaluation from one of our expert specialists. Each member is equipped to help evaluate your skin and body while listening to your aesthetic goals to determine what services are right for you. Call us at 713-324-7697 to receive a completely customized cosmetic experience or reach out to us online to learn more.

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