Skin Treatments: Treating Your Upper Leg

With winter fast approaching, the shorts and skirts are getting ready for a trip back into the closet in favor of long pants.  In some parts of the country, women are looking at another 6 months before their thighs see the light of day, which makes for plenty of time to start getting those thighs in perfect shape with skin treatments and exercise for next summer.  As the winter drags on, that means keeping the holiday pounds off, and working out to tone and shape legs so that when spring explodes forward, you know you’ll be ready.  It’s also a good time to look into specific skin treatments to not just shape up the legs, but beautify your stems before you have to show them off to the world. Here are just a few things to look into.

Hair Removal

Whether by laser, waxing, or with chemicals, the winter is when you are going to want to make sure to de-follicle your legs.  Since many of these skin treatments take a few rounds, or can leave temporary marks, get it done before you find yourself needing to show off some skin in the warmer months.  No one wants to be that bikini body on the first day at the pool or beach with red, splotchy skin and shaving bumps.  You won’t be needing the natural warming feature of the hair after summer anyway, and for the warmer climate states, you can be back out there as early as March!

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Those groupings of fat around the thighs can give a “car pelted in a severe hail storm” look that most of us wish we could do something about.  And we can.  There are a number of great cellulite skin treatments that require no surgery, and can have your dimples buffed out in no time.  However, most of these skin treatments take regular visits that can last over the period of as much as 2 months depending on the situation, so the winter time is perfect for getting to the local spa or health center and making sure to remove the dings of life.

Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch marks aren’t just annoying; they’re long lasting.  If you don’t treat them, they can hang around for decades.  A purple heart of sorts for women who have had kids, there is no reason that you shouldn’t be able to show off your beautiful legs just because of some tiger striping.  Get rid of them with stretch mark removal treatment.  Laser technology is particularly good at breaking up and removing the marks on thighs, and making sure that you can show off your gams not just during beach season, but all year long.  This skin treatment also takes a few visits, so schedule your appointments now so that they have fully faded away by time you plan to head out with thighs revealed in the spring.

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