Methods of Laser Stretch Mark Removal

When it comes to stretch marks, most women agree there’s only one thing they want to do; get rid of them. Thanks to laser stretch mark removal services, anyone is able to remove these marks.  Stretch marks, the lines on skin left after the skin is stretched due to rapid growth or weight changes, are flat out ugly, and can embarrass those who have them.  Most common among mothers from their pregnancy expanding abdominal skin, these lines tend to radiate out, and look like deep red or purple bruises.

While there are many products on the market claiming to reduce or remove the appearance of these lines, the only truly effective method is laser resurfacing.  Photorejuvenation, the process by which light pulses, intense light, and/or lasers are used on the skin, is a common process for treating a number of skin issues, from wrinkles and sun damage to acne scarring and, yes, stretch marks.

At top salons such as Skinney Medical Spa NYC, this is generally done with what is called an Erbium Fractionated Laser, which utilizes scattered pulses of light to create microtears in the existing stretch marks.  The painless procedure uses the intense heat from the light to make the microscopic incisions, while simultaneously cauterizing the wound to prevent bleeding.  This procedure forces the body’s healing systems to kick into overdrive, and begin replacing the damaged cells.

The new skin tissue and collagen from these tiny cuts replaces the scarred tissue within the stretch marks, causing them to visibly fade.  Most people only require 3 – 6 treatments to see upward of a 75% reduction in the appearance of lines, making them practically unnoticeable on the skin’s surface.  A recent study showed that after only a few treatments, 65% of those who went through the process were overjoyed with the results.  Regular treatments over a period of time can show even stronger returns.

Other similar methods have arisen, such as the use of plasma-based devices; however, medical science has not supported any of their claims that the procedure is more effective, or even equally effective, to that of fractionated laser treatments.  Striae, the medical term for stretch marks, tend to require the laser treatments for the best results.

Some patients are afraid to receive such treatments, because it seems like a serious procedure.  Quite to the contrary, Fractional Photothermolysis, or FP, is an entirely noninvasive procedure, with little to no recovery time.  The treatments themselves are painless, and practically no patients report any type of serious discomfort.  Taking relatively little time for a procedure, laser stretch mark removal is a simple way to strip off the scars of the past, and move forward with a beautiful looking new body, devoid of bright lines and unsightly stripes.

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