Dr. Oz on How to Reduce Belly Fat with CoolSculpting

Dr Oz hails coolsculpting as “a lunchtime procedure that’s going to revolutionize the fight against fat.” Watch Dr. Oz reveal how to lose belly fat with what he calls a “revolutionary non-invasive procedure that’s giving liposuction a run for its money by literally freezing away your fat.”

Dr. Oz introduced the special episode called “The Fix” saying “Today I am revealing how to fix your biggest problem areas in no time. This is a show that will make you look younger and feel better.”

CoolSculpting on the Dr. Oz show

Dr. Oz invited CoolSculpting pioneer Dr. Matthew Avram of Havard’s Medical School to discuss this revolutionary treatment toreduce stomach fat . Dr. Avram explained the advantages of CoolSculpting over antiquated surgical procedures such as liposuction or a tummy tuck: “For the first time we can non-invasively remove fat. No scalpel, no needle, no anesthesia is needed, with minimal down  time.”

CoolSculpting is not limited to just the stomach area. It can treat the thighs, hips, upper arms, and overall torso area. In fact, Dr. Oz also demonstrates how to reduce fat with CoolSculpting.

Check out these CoolSculpting before and after pictures* from SKINNEY Medspa.

Clinical research has demonstrated how CoolSculpting stimulates your body’s naturally immune system to reduce belly fat, offering a minimally invasive alternative to liposuction. Typically with traditional Liposuction, a surgeon cuts through your skin with a scalpel to  your fat tissue. The surgeon then uses a sharpened suction tube to stab at your fat and suck out fat tissue. CoolSculpting, on the other hand, painlessly and safely exposes your fatty tissue to cold temperatures which causes an amount of the  fat cells  to freeze and die. As those fat cells die, your body naturally metabolizes those dead cells and removes them from your body as waste. The results are truly extraordinary.*

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