Dr. Hadley King on The Worst Skincare Mistakes Made While Showering

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Phoebe Waller, beauty writer for Bustle Magazine, interviews skin and hair experts, including SKINNEY Medspa’s own Dr. Hadley King, to inform readers on “7 Things You Should Never Do In the Shower.”

Most people are very particular about their shower routine, and don’t deviate much from their showering patterns. Which is great, as long as you are doing everything right when it comes to bathing, but according to Bustle, most of us are not.

“When it comes to personal hygiene,” says Bustle, “there are certain guidelines that will benefit everyone,” which include “things you should never do in the shower that you should be aware of.”  And because “it doesn’t hurt to have some tips up your sleeve on things you should never do in the shower,” Waller “spoke with an aesthetician, a dermatologist, and a hairstylist to discover the bad bathing habits we should put a stop to pronto.”

Don’t Shower is Super Hot Water Says Dermatologist, Dr. Hadley King

When receiving tips from skincare experts about combating dry skin associated with the colder, winter months, water temperature always gets brought up. Steaming hot water can strip your skin of essential natural oils, and according to Bustle’s interview with “Dr. Hadley King, dermatologist at NYC’s SKINNEY Medspa…’Water that is too hot can strip the skin of its natural oils and hydration and leave the skin too dry.’ ”’ Dr. Hadley King advises Bustle readers to “use water that is warm instead of hot.”

Don’t Spend Too Much Time in the shower, either

Along the same lines as the previous tip, NYC dermatologist Dr. Hadley King also tells Bustle readers to avoid taking long showers. This can be crushing news for people who love to unwind with a nice hot shower, but showering too often can “make your skin dry and itchy.” So, if you want healthy, radiant skin, “don’t shower more than once per day or for more than 8 minutes at a time,” advises Dr. King.

Don’t Apply Scrub While Standing in the Water Stream

One way to make the most out of the time you have in the shower is to turn off the water while you are lathering up. Not only will this help protect your skin from drying out, it will enable your scrub to work its best. As Bustle explains, “don’t use a scrub in the stream of a shower: Water runs on the face [and] body and washes [the] scrub away before anything beneficial can happen.”

Beware of bacteria ridden loofahs and wash rags, advises Dr. Hadley King

As the article Is Your Face Towel Causing Acne Breakouts? illustrates, washcloths and loofahs are easily contaminated with bacteria, that can lead to acne breakouts, or skin infections. While loofahs make great exfoliants, and exfoliating your skin is a highly recommended addition to your skin care routine, make sure to clean your rags and replace your loofahs often.

Don’t Put Shampoo On Partially Wet Hair

For some tips on the best practices for washing your hair in the shower, Bustle interviewed a leading NYC hair stylist who advises readers to “Make sure your hair is fully drenched in water before lathering up! If your hair isn’t completely wet, the shampoo won’t lather properly, and you’ll end up using more than you need…” Bustle further explains “this is especially important for sulfate-free shampoo, as there isn’t any detergent in the formula to help it foam up.”

Dr. Hadley King warns against shaving your legs before a pedicure

No one likes being caught with stubble. This is why most women shave their legs before going for a pedicure. But Dr. Hadley King advises against it. “Don’t shave your legs when you shower on a day you are going to go for a pedicure.” She explains to Bustle, “It increases the risk of infection.” Bustle suggests that readers “who likes to have silky pins,” plan ahead and “shave at least the day before your pedicure appointment, so you don’t put yourself at risk of infection.”

Another great solution is eliminating the need to shave your legs in the first place. Permanent hair reduction options, like laser hair removal are popular, time tested hair removal methods, that can leave your legs smooth and silky.

For more tips on what not to do in the shower, check out Bustle’s article here, and “keep your hair and skin in tip-top condition, and stay safe in the shower with this expert advice!”


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