Exfoliating for Men: the Secret to a Closer Shave and No In-Grown Hairs

exfoliating for men

Exfoliating for Men

Exfoliating is not just for women. More and more men are maintaining their skin health and revitalizing their complexion with proactive skin care routines. According to ASKMEN.com, when men exfoliate, essentially “scrubbing off dead skin, [a man] not only unclogs pores and brightens the complexion, [he] also exposes hair follicles, allowing for a closer shave, eliminating ingrown hairs.”

Men’s Journal agrees. In their article “Earth-Friendly Exfoliates,” Men’s Journal encourages its male readership to consider the benefits of exfoliating for men, saying typical cleansers men use on a daily basis don’t cleanse the skin of “grime” like dead skin cells and environmental pollutants that “build up, and need something stronger.” The solution? An exfoliating scrub says Men’s Journal: “use scrubs…once or twice a week, ideally before a shave to remove dead skin and uncover any ingrown hairs, making not only for a fully clean face and fresh complexion, but also a much smoother shave.

Exfoliating for Men Vs. Exfoliating for Women

This introduces one of the biggest differences between exfoliating for men compared to exfoliating for women. Men should choose a product that is infused with a gentle abrasive.

Men’s Journal explains why: men do not require “heavy duty exfoliating abrasives” that are designed to remove “all sorts of makeup and powders” that are typically used by women.

“Guys typically need something on the more gentle side to take care of everyday pollutants. Bamboo [or] rice granules…are the eco-friendly ingredients you should be looking for.

Exfoliating for Men: Use Bamboo Scrubs

Men’s Journal stresses with exfoliating for men, they should steer clear of exfoliating creams or scrubbing products that contain plastic microbeads, which can exfoliate so aggressively that the skin is torn and damaged. Alternatives to poly microbeads, like bamboo beads, are “better for your skin and more tailored to your needs. Especially for men,” says Men’s Journal.

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An article in Men’s Health titled “How Often Do You Really Need to Exfoliate” further warns men to “avoid scrubs with pulverized shells and seeds” which can cause  “irritation or micro trauma to the skin, as well as worsen conditions such as acne, sensitive skin, or broken blood vessels.”

Along with avoiding microbeads, which consist of sharp plastic beads that are known to damage the environment and cause trauma to the skin, Men’s Journal adds that men should “also avoid scrubs with pulverized shells and seeds… Instead, reach for a cleanser that uses small, rounded beads,” like Bamboo.

Experts also recommend that men scrub with a chemical exfoliator, such as salicylic acid, which is a common ingredient in high end skin care products.

Exfoliating for Men: Microdermabrasion in a Bottle

Medspa in a Bottle offers the ideal exfoliating scrub for men, Microdermabrasion in a bottle is infused with bamboo beads which gently polish and buff the skin without causing damage like plastic beads, or ground walnut shells.

exfoliating scrub

Microdermabrasion in a bottle benefits: Exfoliating for men
  • deep exfoliation eliminates dead cells
  • reveals smoother radiant complexion
  • Helps provide a closer shave
  • Prevents in-grown hairs
  • Gentle Bamboo beads ideal for exfoliating for men



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