Emsculpture | Build, Strengthen, and Tone Muscles

Emsculpt, also known as Emsculpture, is the revolutionary way to strengthen and sculpt an entirely new physique. This treatment is the first FDA-cleared way to build, strengthen, and tone muscle mass of large muscle groups. Emsculpture transforms the body by providing patients with a tighter core, more sculpted abs, firmer buttocks, and more muscular, leaner arms and legs. Read on to learn more about Emsculpture with Emsculpt.

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Benefits of Emsculpture at Skinney Medspa


  • Build, strengthen, and tone muscles
  • Natural results
  • Convenient 30-minute treatments
  • Improve athletic performance
  • No downtime required
  • Virtually painless
  • FDA cleared
  • Scientifically proven as safe and effective


Emsculpture Before and After*

Before and after pictures show how Emsculpture transforms the muscles of the abs, buttocks, arms, and legs. As with any cosmetic treatment, results may vary.* However, each patient achieves a noticeable improvement to their muscles and overall physique.

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How Does Emsculpting Work?

Emsculpt works by inducing powerful muscle contractions. During the painless, 30-minute treatment, HIFEM energy stimulates the muscle tissues causing them to contract. The contractions are much more intense than anything you can achieve manually. Known as supramaximal contractions, the contractions of Emsculpture strengthen, tone, and build muscle tissues at a superhuman rate. One Emsculpt treatment induces 20,000 contractions. A person would have to do 20,000 crunches, squats, or bicep curls to achieve that type of muscle stimulation.


Emsculpture Muscle Groups

Emsculpture targets four major muscle groups. They include:



Treatment Time and Emsculpture Results

Emsculpture is an easy, painless, 30-minute treatment. Individual experience may vary, but most patients opt to do 4 Emsculpt treatments, spaced 2 or 3 days apart. This treatment schedule sets Emsculpt apart from other body contouring treatments because you can sculpt the body so quickly and conveniently. Treatments can be completed in as little as two weeks, with results showing in as little as four weeks after treatment.*


How Much Does Emsculpt Cost?

Emsculpt cost varies per person. Treatments can be personalized to fit your aesthetic goals and budget requirements. The price factors depend on the specific needs of the patient. The best way to determine your Emsculpture cost is by scheduling a free consultation with Skinney Medspa. During your consultation, you can speak in person with a treatment specialist about the price. If Emsculpture is suitable for you, our specialists will create the perfect treatment plan.


Emsculpture Near Me

If you want to improve your athletic performance and completely transform your physique, contact Skinney Medspa. We are a premier provider of Emsculpture with Emsculpt. Call us at 212-754-6639 to schedule your free consultation and learn how Emsculpture can improve and alter your physique.

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