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Emsculpt calves is a popular treatment area for this body sculpting procedure. One 30-minute session can help men and women achieve contoured, heart-shaped calf muscles. Just one Emsculpt calves treatment stimulates 20,000 powerful contractions in the calf muscles. This process builds up your calves far faster than manual gym exercise ever could. Learn more about Emsculpt here.


Building the Calf Muscles

Athletic trainers and bodybuilders agree that the calves are the most challenging muscle group to build and develop in the gym with manual exercise. There are a few reasons why this particular muscle group is so hard to tone and strengthen on your own.


One reason is due to muscle development being genetic. Genetics determine the physiology of the muscle, determining the size and growth potential of a particular muscle. For example, if an individual’s calves consist of predominantly slow-twitch muscle fibers (half of the growth potential of fast-twitch fibers), then the calves will appear small and be difficult to develop with regular strength training.


Another reason the calves are hard to develop is the biology. The lower leg muscles are tough to develop regardless of how many hours you spend trying to train them. The soleus, a major muscle in the calves, has half of the quad muscle’s potential to synthesize the protein that creates muscle tissue.

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The calf muscles also see a lot of activity in a day. This muscle group is more developed than other muscles on the body. This means that it can take a lot more tension to produce enough stress on the calf muscle to trigger muscle creation and strengthening.


How Emsculpt Works

Emsculpt utilizes High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Energy or HIFEM. This energy penetrates the skin to stimulate the underlying muscle tissue causing muscular contractions. One single Emsculpt session induces 20,000 supramaximal contractions within the specific muscle group. The powerful contractions put tension on the muscle. In response, the body strengthens and tones the muscle tissues.


Emsculpt Calves Applicator

Emsculpt hit the market in 2018 and was only FDA cleared to treat the abdomen and buttocks. As the popularity of the treatment increased, the makers of Emsculpt created a small contour applicator capable of treating smaller muscle groups like the arms and the calves.


The small contour applicator features an ergonomic design. The half-pipe shape is combined with a high energy field. This type of applicator permits the HIFEM energy to target the calves’ smaller muscle groups without activating antagonist muscles.

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Emsculpt Sexy, Strong Calves

If you want to achieve sexy, muscular calves finally, contact SKINNEY Medspa. We are a leading Emsculpt calves provider. Schedule a complimentary consultation to learn about this body contouring treatment and how it can help improve your calf aesthetics. Call us at 646-760-5071 or reach out to us online.

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