CoolSculpting for Men: Lose the love handles, beer belly & Moobs

Women are no longer the monopolizing demographic in the cosmetic enhancement industry. More and more men are making their way to medical spas that offer non-invasive procedure such as laser hair removal, BOTOX, and body contouring. And CoolSculpting, a non-invasive fat reduction treatment, is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures among men.


Backed by the science of Cryolipolysis, CoolSculpting uses controlled cooling pads to target unwanted fat cells and freeze them to death, without harming the skin or surrounding tissue. This non-invasive alternative to liposuction is clinically shown to reduce up to 25% of fat from the area of the body treated with CoolSculpting after just one treatment. The best part? You can treat an area more than once!


Why the Surge in CoolSculpting for men?

Guys hate bulges. Women are not the only ones who are conscientious about their bodies and utilize CoolSculpting to help get rid of stubborn fat deposits that commonly collect around the hips, buttocks, thighs, and belly on the female body. Men too, are susceptible to cultural pressures to be slim and chiseled. For guys, the areas on the body targeted the most for fat freezing are the love handles, belly, and ironically, their breast, commonly known as “man boobs” or “moobs.”


Additionally, men are appealed to CoolSculpting’s ability to define musculature for a more chiseled look that better reflects all the hard work put in at the gym.


CoolSculpting for Men Targets Man Boobs

Nothing shouts masculinity quite like a contoured and chiseled chest. Naturally, men feel self conscious when pecs are covered up with fat tissue. What’s worse, the chest area is one of those problem areas commonly found on the male body. These stubborn fat deposits often resist diet and exercise, so it can effect men who are physically fit.


The technical term for stubborn fat deposits that collect in the chest area of the male physique is known as Pseudogynecomastia; the not so technical term: “man boobs.” Pseudogynecomastia is a common medical condition that causes men to store excess fat in their chest area, leading to the appearance of breast. This is not to be confused with gynecomastia, which is a glandular problem that actually causes men to collect breast tissue. For cases of Pseudogynecomastia, CoolSculpting can certainly help. Men who use CoolSculpting on their chest are pleased with the definition of their pecs that often emerge when excess fat is eliminated.


CoolSculpting for Men: Getting Rid of Belly Fat

The belly is another common problem area where men store stubborn fat deposits that resist diet and exercise. To give their readers advice on how to get rid of belly fat, Men’s Journal encourages men to “Consider CoolSculpting, which freezes fat around your stomach. The tissue then dissipates from your body over a month or two, as if you’ve lost weight one pound at a time.”


Men’s Journal goes on to highlight another big turn on for men to CoolSculpting: natural looking results. “CoolSculpting takes effect gradually – that is, no one has to know you’re getting work – [it’s] a big reason for their skyrocketing growth [in CoolSculpting for men. It’s] also quick, between five minutes and an hour, and require little prep beyond topical cream or high-potency aspirin.” Men’s Journal addresses another reason men like CoolSculpting. “Cost is another factor: Liposuction averages $3,000, while CoolSculpting prices start out around $700. In general, minimally invasive procedures cost half as much as surgery.” And finally Men’s Journal notes that men get CoolSculpting because “Recovery is quick…and most people go back to the office immediately after.”

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CoolSculpting Reviews for Men in The LA Times

The La Times article, “With cosmetic treatments, more men enlist in battle of the bulges,” investigates the cosmetic procedures drawing in “flood of new patients — many of them men — into doctors’ offices.” One of the most popular procedures among men, says the La Times, is CoolSculpting. “These fat-zapping treatments have been a surprisingly big draw for men, [One plastic surgeon] estimates that 43% of his body-contouring patients are men looking to rid themselves of love handles and male breasts, or “moobs.”


The La Times further details that “Plastic surgeons say [CoolSculpting, the] Food and Drug Administration-approved treatment has quickly become the “standard” in nonsurgical fat removal.”


“As with other body-contouring treatments,” explains the La Times, “Cool Sculpting is no quick fix,” but rather a “very gradual reduction.” A source for the La Times explains “You don’t really notice a change day-to-day.” But after two months, he was able to trade down to a more tailored slim-fit dress shirt. “I’m thrilled with it.”


One theory for the surging boom in male cosmetic procedures is the professional advantage achieved by looking young, fit, and healthy. Which prompted the article “The Eight Best Cosmetic Procedures for Men That You Can Get During Lunch” in Bloomberg.


CoolSculpting Reviews for Men in Bloomberg


“Every year I have more men coming into my office for cosmetic treatments,” says a cosmetic surgeon interviewed by Bloomberg. “These procedures are becoming viewed by men as a method of self-enhancement, like eating well, wearing nice clothes, or going to the gym.” Bloomberg suggest that one of the biggest allures of body contouring treatments is “Men are more gun-shy…They’re more comfortable trying procedures that aren’t invasive, won’t require too much time, and have minimal side effects.”


For Bloomberg readers wanting to get rid of “Love Handles and Front Belly Fat” Bloomberg provides “The fix: CoolSculpting.” But “be reminded” advises Bloomberg that Cool Sculpting is “not a weight-loss treatment, but something great for guys who are in shape and exercise, but have a trouble spot. Also: Don’t expect miracles, but about a 20 to 30 percent improvement in your bulge after one treatment.”


CoolSculpting for Men in Men’s Fitness

Men’s Fitness Magazine states in their CoolSculpting review that CoolSculpting “help[s] you lose fat in areas that you haven’t been able to hit through diet and exercise.”


CoolSculpting for men in G Q

GQ Magazine highlights the growing trend of CoolSculpting in the male demographic in this CoolSculpting Review saying: “It really works…removing fat noninvasively has been the holy grail for a long time, and this is it. The [CoolSculpting] machine has been running day and night, with men coming in huge numbers.”


CoolSculpting for Men: Discounts from SKINNEY Medspa

CoolSculpting for men can help in getting rid of belly fat, love handles, and man boobs that resist diet and exercise. Let SKINNEY Medspa help you attain a slim, sculpted, masculine physique. Sign up for a free consultation today and get 20% off your first CoolSculpting treatment.

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