Double Chin Reduction: What is the CoolMini?

The CoolMini is a type of CoolSculpting, the revolutionary body contouring technology that is clinically demonstrated to freeze fat. Traditionally, Liposuction was the only medical procedure available to reduce  a double chin, neck wattle, or jowls caused by stubborn submental neck and chin fat. Now, men and women can reduce their double chins and other pockets of non-responsive body fat without surgery, stitches, or extended downtime using CoolSculpting.*²

CoolSculpting was FDA approved in 2010 for the reduction of unwanted body fat. CoolSculpting quickly rose to become the #1 non-invasive fat reduction treatment used to reduce unwanted stomach fat, back fat, thigh fat, and fat from other large areas.* Recently, the makers of CoolSculpting introduced the CoolMini applicator, which allows licensed professionals to treat small areas of fat, ideal for targeting submental fat,.³ more commonly known as a double chin, as well as knee fat, ankle fat, and arm pit fat in the bra area.*²

See FDA  clearance here.

What are the Benefits of the CoolMini*

  • The #1 non-invasive fat reduction treatment
  • FDA Approved as Safe and Effective
  • Reduces double chin, neck wattle, and jowls.³
  • Reduces  knee fat, ankle fat, and arm pit fat in the bra area..³
  • Virtually Painless and requires minimal to no downtime.*²
  • Non-Surgical.
  • Can see results in 1-2 visits*²

How does the CoolMini Reduce chin fat?

Clinical studies have shown that Cryolipolysis reduces chin and neck fat by applying controlled cooling to the treatment area which causes the underlying submental fat to freeze, causing apoptosis, or cell death, all without damaging the skin or surrounding tissues.³

CoolMini Before and After Pictures*
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See How Coolsculpting® Works [Video]

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