Rogue Chin Hair & the Best Facial Hair Removal For Women

facial hair removal for women

Most women loathe the rogue hair that sprouts from the chin and rogue chin hair happens to most women. Around 20 million U.S. women undergo some form of hair removal to get rid of unwanted facial hair leading many to ask what causes facial hair on women? And what are the best methods of hair removal to get rid of chin hair?

Women’s Health answers these questions, interviewing Dr. Hadley King, a NYC dermatologist at SKINNEY Medspa, in the article “What’s with That Long Strand of Hair Suddenly Growing Out of Your Chin?” by Grace Gold.

facial hair removal for women

What causes unwanted facial hair growth in women?

Explaining the causes of facial hair on women, Dr. Hadley King tells the readers of Women’s Health that “Chin hair results from a combination of genetics and hormones.” “It’s our male hormones (called androgens), as well as our overall hormonal balance, that stimulate growth of chin hair, she explains.”

Some women definitely have more rogue chin hairs to deal with than other women do, and Dr. Hadley King explains that genetics account for this variance. “Some of us are just hairier than others…” your genes determine “how sensitive your hair follicles are to these hormones.”

Why does unwanted facial hair become more common as women age?

Women’s Health explains that the hormonal transitions that accompany aging explain why rogue chin hairs become more problematic as women get older. Menopause is the most notorious hormonal change that can produce unwanted facial hair, as the body’s balance between androgen (the male hormone) and estrogen begin to fluctuate.

Medications that Curb Facial Hair Growth in Women

Because facial hair growth in women is caused by hormones, “medications that affect hormones, like oral contraceptives or spironolactone, can help curb excess chin hair growth, as well as overall facial hair,” explains Dr. Hadley King to Women’s Health.

Plucking Unwanted Facial Hair

The go to method of facial hair removal for women is tweezers. Plucking can be a sufficient method of facial hair removal, if you are dealing with a lone wolf hair that pops up occasionally.

If you have more than one or two rogue hairs, tweezing may not be the best method of hair removal. Dr. Hadley King advises the readers of Women’s Health on when to put down the tweezers and opt for professional hair removal. “If you have more than a stray, you may want to consider electrolysis or laser hair removal for more effective clearance.”

Facial Hair Removal for Women with Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is one of the best ways to reduce unwanted facial hair for good. Learn more about Laser Hair Removal from SKINNEY Medspa or click the image below for 60% off your first Laser Hair Removal Treatment.

facial hair removal for women
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