Inexpensive Winter Skin Care Products

Inexpensive Winter Skin Care Products
The winter is notorious for causing havoc on our skin. Cold, dry weather is infamously linked to blotchy, flaky, itchy skin. So what can a person do to winterize their skin against the hostile environment of frigid, cold, dry, windy weather?

The core concept to combating the maladies of a winter complexion, revolve around skin hydration. There are numerous skin care products out there, that claim to moisturize and hydrate your skin to negate the side effects of winter weather. But not all of these products live up to their hype, and many of these products are too expensive to simply incorporate into your daily skin care routine. So we ask the skincare experts.

Below are four skin care products specially designed to hydrate and moisturize your skin, making them great during the winter time. The best thing about these products is their effectiveness. The second best thing about these winter skin care products is how affordable they are. Check out these four products that are recommended by certified dermatologist Dr. Hadley King, and restore that itchy, dry, winter complexion with healthy, smooth, hydrated skin.



COCONUT OIL by Jaxs Coco. 

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This is our fav because its 100% pure and organic extra virgin coconut oil from the Philippines. It also has zero peroxides and contains lauric acid which boosts your cellular metabolism. It was also created by the stylist Stella McCartney.  Coconut Oil can be used on not only your face and body but your hair as well! Coconut oil hydrates and soothes blistered, dry skin naturally. It’s inexpensive and effective. Using coconut oil in place of lotions will leave your skin looking and feeling dewy fresh.

TIP: “Use directly out of the shower as the water molecules help to polarize your skin, thus allowing for a deeper product penetration.”


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I love this product because it’s super hydrating without stripping your skin, which makes it perfect for the winter months. It is also chemical free. You can find this product virtually everywhere, even at your local grocery.


ROSE WATER by Burt’s Bees.

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Rose Water soothes sensitive and irritated skin that the winter leaves behind. It also balances, softens and tones leaving your skin to have a rosy glow. Perk? It smells beautifully too.

Learn how to make home made skincare products in Winter. 

Smith’s Rosebud SALVE.
winter skin care

Because your lips need love too. This product has a cult-following for it’s healing and calming properties. It conditions dry, chapped lips and relieves dryness.

Tip: Use on knees and elbows to stay smooth all over.

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