Why Laser Hair Removal Will Save You Money

NYC’s Skinney MedSpa has been spreading the word: laser hair removal is a less expensive option over waxing, threading and tweezing unwanted hairs. As many women and men opt for waxing and shaving over laser technology, Skinney warns to reconsider.

Most men and women would prefer laser hair removal; however they continuously shy away due to the perceived cost. Skinney MedSpa in NYC is diligently sending the message that, over time, laser hair removal is an investment that proves less expensive than the other options by far. On average women spend $10,000 in their lifetime on shaving, and over $20,000 on waxing (especially if done by a professional). Laser hair removal varies in cost, yet prestigious locations such as Skinney in NYC offer competitive packages starting at just $99, and specials such as buy four treatments, get two free.

Laser hair removal usually takes 6 treatments to see the best results. Laser hair removal is the only option that offers such a large reduction in hair regrowth. Skinney thinks people are starting to see the investment opportunity as the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Report for 2012 stated that laser hair removal was the third most popular minimally-invasive procedure. Yet, “more people need to really understand the numbers and see how much it makes sense,” says Skinney MedSpa. Laser hair removal offers:
• Fast treatment time
• Reduction of hair regrowth by over 80 percent (given the correct amount of treatments), and
• Pain free treatments

Skinney MedSpa feels strongly that opting for laser hair removal over other treatment options will provide clients with the best possible results. Cost savings, pain-free treatments, quick procedure time, and reduction of hair regrowth, all make laser hair removal the best option over the rest.

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