Where can You get Laser Hair Removal asks Bustle Mag

Laser hair removal is a popular way to reduce unwanted body hair permanently. And considering you can zap unwanted hair from nearly anywhere on the body, laser hair removal may be the ideal solution for getting rid of underarm hair, facial hair, hair from the bikini area, chest hair, back hair, and even the hair that grows on your toes. But when it comes to laser hair removal, not all body parts are equal when considering the cost, the effectiveness, and comfort level of this hair reduction treatment.


To help Bustle readers understand this area of cosmetic hair reduction, writer Phoebe Waller consults dermatologists and Adriana Martino, hair removal specialists and Co-founder of SKINNEY Medspa, the premiere provider of Laser Hair Removal in NYC, in the article  “Where Can You Get Laser Hair Removal? Dermatologists Explain All The Dos & Don’ts”


Laser Hair Removal 101

Bustle interviews Adriana Martino to sum up the Laser Hair Removal treatment. Martino explains  “Laser hair removal requires multiple visits, depending on the area and hair type but usually requires any where from 4-8 sessions.” Bustle asks Adriana Martino to estimate the average Laser Hair Removal cost: “it’s got a pretty reasonable price tag, starting from just $59 per session and upwards.”

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Where can you get laser hair removal?

Finally, Bustle asks Martino about where on the body a person  can reduce unwanted hair using laser hair removal. Martino answers “ ‘Laser hair removal can work on virtually every part of the body, where the hair is dark and coarse enough, including some fingers and toes.’ She explains that it’s an effective way to remove unwanted hair permanently.”


Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

To find out more about discomfort associated with the laser hair removal treatment, Bustle asks a dermatologist specializing in hair removal, who answers “Depending on your practitioner, their equipment, and your tolerance for pain, laser hair removal can be relatively painless or fairly painful.”

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One factor that impacts the discomfort a patient may experience during the laser hair removal treatment is the type of laser being used. With advancements in laser technology, newer laser hair removal machines can be relatively painless.


Getting down to particulars Bustle provides a “breakdown of exactly where you can get laser hair removal, along with price and pain guidelines.”

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