The PRP Facial Dare : ELLE’s PRP Facial from SKINNEY Medspa

PRP facialThe PRP Facial Dare :

Watch ELLE’s PRP Facial from SKINNEY Medspa

Sara, beauty editor from ELLE magazine came to SKINNEY Medspa in NYC to complete the “PRP Facial Dare.” Also known as a vampire facial, this anti-aging skincare treatment saw unprecedented popularity when Kim Kardashian posted a pic of her blood covered face during her PRP facial on Instagram, to become one of the most famous selfies ever taken.

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The PRP Facial From SKINNEY Medspa

Dr. Halland Chen, a cosmetic specialist who specializes in regenerative medicine, performs the PRP Facial at SKINNEY Medspa.

PRP facial



The PRP facial begins by harvesting a sample of the patient’s blood.

PRP facial


The sample of blood is then purified to separate the plasma, the part of the blood that is full of platelets and growth factors.

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PRP facial


These growth factors are scientifically shown to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone and texture, and aid in the correction of sun damage, acne scars, and stretch marks.

PRP facial


Dr. Halland then performs a microneedling treatment. He explains that Microneedling punctures the skin with microscopic needles. The superficial injuries stimulate the body’s healing mechanism to create new cells and produce more collagen.

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PRP facial


The punctures also produce micro channels that transport the PRP serum into the deeper layers of skin tissue. The hormones and growth factors accelerate the healing process, improving results and diminishing downtime.


To finish the PRP facial, Dr. Halland applies an LED facemask to improve skin tone and texture and brighten the complexion with glowing skin.

PRP facial


After a PRP facial, the face will appear red. This is normal as your body goes to work healing itself. Redness typically dissipates within the first 24 hours.*

PRP facial


ELLE’s beauty editor humorously responds to her rejuvenated look saying, “I can’t wait to hit up those student discounts again!” She concludes, “I look better than all my friends.”

PRP facial


Take the PRP Facial dare yourself by calling SKINNEY Medspa today or signing up for a complimentary consultation.

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