Vogue Japan: Emsculpt Around the World


Vogue Japan: Emsculpt Around the World

 EmSculpt is on its way to topping the list as one of today’s hottest new cosmetic procedures. The non-invasive approach has become appealing to men, women, and even celebrities around the world. That’s why Vogue Japan stopped into the SKINNEY Medspa office to feature Emsculpt in an August online article. Its title, Emsculpt Me, Please, is fitting because the SKINNEY team did just that. While our summer bodies are never in the shape we want them to be in, Jennifer Berk from Vogue Japan, wanted to see if Emsculpt could help eliminate unwanted fat bulges.

“So after a year of seeing people trying (and posting) about EmSculpt I decided to do some research. I mean, if it’s good enough for Kim K, Drew Barrymore, and Chrissy Tiegen’s mom, it’s good enough for me, right?” said Berk.

The allure: burn fat and build muscle. EmSculpt is a revolutionary treatment that is said to do this…without hitting the gym. It is a short and painless 30-minute procedure. High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic Energy is used to melt your body’s fat. It acts as a stimulant to grow muscle, which translates into a workout of about 20,000 squats or crunches.

Vogue Japan stopped into SKINNEY Medspa in NYC for a consult and then back the next week for a treatment. It is an FDA cleared treatment, so it is deemed safe and merely painless.

“For a half hour I layed, strapped to the EmSculpt machine and let it do its thing. And intense it was, but not painful – just an odd feeling at worst, but I just took a few deep breaths and repeated the words six pack in my head a few times and just like that I was done,” said Berk.

An applicator is used to deliver the HIFEM energy onto the treatment area, typically the abdomen or buttocks. The energy forces the body’s muscles to contract, which is said to build and increase the muscle group. The purpose of trying EmSculpt for Berk was to improve her summer body and get rid of unwanted belly fat in the midsection.

“I noticed a small difference in the day or two following but the biggest difference comes about two to four weeks after the last treatment, at which time I expect I’ll probably get mistaken for JLo in my bikini,” said Berk.

Patients have reported that EmSculpt has shown great results. The complete treatment can be finished in two weeks and results are said to show in as little as four weeks.

EmSculpt Near Me

Emsculpt is a quick- ix that can boost body confidence, and SKINNEY Medspa wants to help with that. At three state-of-the-art Manhattan locations, our team of professionals can help bring your best body to life. Schedule a consultation to see if EmSculpt is right for you by calling 646-883-8934.

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