Top 3 Laser Skin Resurfacing Myths

Top 3 Laser Skin Resurfacing Myths

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It’s about that time again. Every so often a new beauty product or process gets a little too popular for some people, and all the myths start flying. This time it’s laser skin resurfacing or laser skin rejuvenation that’s taking a bit hit. Let’s run through the top 3 myths about this beautiful new process and put them to rest.

1. Laser skin resurfacing causes more wrinkles and discoloration than it fixes. Wrong! In fact the process has relatively minor side effects, when it has any, unless the doctor or spa professional is doing it improperly or the client isn’t following the right guidelines. For instance, the laser resurfacing does dry out the skin a bit; it’s supposed to! So moisturizing and avoiding further causes of dryness are generally prescribed. It’s all a matter, as this example shows, of finding a real professional and then following a few simple steps.

2. Laser skin resurfacing is very expensive. This one, frankly, makes us shrug our shoulders a bit. We’re not sure why people throw this one around, when it’s clear to see from any spa’s or doctor’s price list that the process is rather cheap. Take a look for yourself. The technology has been around for a while now, so the price has gone down significantly.

3. The whole “laser” territory is too new, and there could be major risks we don’t understand, so the process is too dangerous. Wrong again. The process is generally quite safe and the underlying technology–infrared lasers with significant power–has been around for decades. So have very, very complex surgeries and other corrective practices for the eyes, including fixing a retina up with a laser or totally correcting someone’s vision so that he never needs to wear glasses again. What’s funny here is that the same people who are so scared of using a laser on the skin seem to think it’s just fine working within someone’s eye while he’s knocked out cold by anesthesia. Trust us: both kinds of procedures are generally very, very safe–eye laser procedures and face laser skin resurfacing.

So next time you head to the spa or your licensed dermatologist or plastic surgeon or other professional, be sure to ask about laser skin resurfacing, or a “laser facial,” as we sometimes call it. It really does work, and it’s not the huge hassle, risk, and expense so many seem to think it is!

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