The Perfect Spray Tan: Tips to Make a Fake Tan Look Natural

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Shannon Farrell, beauty writer for the Daily Makeover, recently published 7 body and bath tips revealing “How to Get the Most Natural-Looking Fake Tan Ever.” The article responds to statistics published by the American Cancer society estimating that each year, nearly 135,000 new cases of Melanoma are diagnosed in the U.S. Similarly each year, nearly 10,000 Americans succumb to the battle with skin cancer. Listing skin cancer prevalence is part of the public safety campaign to raise of the link between sun exposure and melanoma. This effort to educate is not met with total compliance, as the desire for beautifully tanned skin, remains a trending standard of beauty.

To explain the science of this fatal attraction, the Daily Makeover,  sought out the expert opinion of NYC Dermatologist Dr. Hadley King, of SKINNEY Medspa. Dr. Hadley King explains that the sun tan you are working for is definitely working against you:

“Tanning results from injury to the DNA in skin cells…You can think of it as a defense mechanism, an imperfect attempt to prevent further DNA damage. This is why there is no such thing as a healthy tan: tanning occurs when the DNA is already being damaged.”

The consequences of damaged DNA are numerous. On a superficial level, UV damage breaks down the proteins responsible for keeping skin smooth, firm, and flexible. Basically the qualities that makes our skin look young and healthy. This sun damage leads to premature wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin. But what’s even worse than premature aging, is premature death, considering damaged skin cells are more like to mutate, creating a potential catalyst of skin cancer.

The harsh side of effects of UV damage explains the surge in popularity for the both the best spray tan from a tanning salon as well as the best self tanner for men and women who desire beautifully bronzed skin. While spray tans and self tanner offer an adequate substitution to basking in the sun, or lying in the tanning bed, manually applied tans are susceptible to going array. And when it comes to your skin, complications can mar your entire appearance. So save your skin from damage, but also save yourself the embarrassment of a poorly applied fake tan by following these tips from Daily Makeover.

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­­Use a Tanning Mitt

If you are hoping for a natural look, there’s nothing that gives your fake tan away like getting caught orange handed. Fortunately, avoiding this embarrassing mishap that self-tanning lotions are notorious for is as easy as using a glove during application.  “A tanning mitt helps protect the hands from getting stained and also spreads the product more evenly on the body.” Says Daily Makeover.

Keep skin hydrated

Some self-tanners contain DHA, which can dehydrate the skin. Daily Makeover explains that hydrated skin not only aids in smooth application, it also ensure the tan fades evenly, for a more natural look.

Moisturizing Tips from SKINNEY Medspa

Stay hydrated, but don’t over moisturize.

Applying a natural looking fake tan can be a bit of a balancing act. Make sure your skin is hydrated, but avoid applying any lotions pre-tan, and make sure your skin is clean and dry. So remove all makeup and deodorant before self tanning.

Don’t apply self tanner before bed

When applying self tanner at home or heading over to the tanning salon for a quick spray tan, try to do it in the a.m. Or at least not right before bed, explains Daily Makeover “It’s possible to sleep with your hand on your face, transferring the tanner from your face to your palms. Perspiring, which causes streaks, is also a risk while sleeping.”

A spray tan trumps even the best self tanners

One of the easiest ways to ensure a natural looking tan is to get a spray tan. Spray tans from tanning salons are more expensive than their DIY self tanner counterpart, but getting a spray tan professionally done is “the best way to go if you want an all-over flawless, natural-looking tan…That means no streaks, no blotchy areas, your hands and feet aren’t stained and all areas of the body are equally covered with sunless tanning solution” according to Daily Makeover.

Enlist a Friend

One complication when trying to apply tanning lotion to yourself is there are some hard places to reach. Recruit a friend to apply the self tanner to your back or look into a self tanning wand.

Remember that less is more

There are certain body parts that are self tanning disaster zones. Apply self tanner sparingly to the feet, hands, knees and elbows. If you do get a little over zealous and apply to much bronzer to these areas, simply follow the advice from Daily Makeover: “if you do make a mistake, remove self-tanner with a mixture of baking side and lemon and use a micro derma mitt or exfoliating mitt [to scrub it off]. Sometimes just coconut oil and an exfoliating mitt can help decrease the tan in some areas too.”

Summer is here. Show off your beach bod by complimenting your tan with laser hair removal from SKINNEY Medspa, for a beautifully bronze, smooth body.


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