Allure Reviews The Hottest Summer Facial: The High Tech Sparkling Rosé Facial

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Allure Reviews The Hottest Summer Facial: The High Tech Sparkling Rosé Facial

To celebrate summer in high fashion, Allure beauty writer, Sarah Kinonen, headed to SKINNEY Medspa to experience the hottest new summer facial infused with Ruffino Sparkling Rose Wine. In her article “I Got a Rosé Facial Because I’m Beyond Basic” Kinonen voices her affinity for the Sparkling Rosé saying from May to September, the pink-hued drink is known as one thing: the sip of summer. And as much as I love indulging in a glass (or, let’s be honest here, three) of rosé, I’d never thought the crisp, sweet drink would make for a hydrating treatment for my skin.”

Allure introduces the collaboration between NYC’s leading skin and laser spa with Ruffino wine, the renowned wine makers who offer tastes of Tuscany with award winning wines, explaining “this summer, New York City-based Skinney MedSpa teamed up with Ruffino Wines to create a limited-edition facial treatment for those with an affinity for clear skin and a slight buzz (a.k.a., me). Known as the High Tech Sparkling Rosé Facial, the treatment is an hour-long experience, which includes cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating with a modeling mask spiked with a splash of rosé.”

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Kinonen begins her review of SKINNEY Medspa’s High Tech Sparkling Rosé facial, happily noting that when walking into her treatment room she was “immediately greeted by — get this — an entire bottle of Ruffino’s sparkling rosé.”

Allure’s Review of the Sparkling Rosé Summer Facial

After a glass of sparkling rosé, Kinonen received this coveted summer facial and describes her experience:

And now, for the main event: The rosé portion of the show! After the steam session, [Lindsay Malachowski of SKINNEY Medspa,] mixed up a Casmara Mask, better known as an algae peel-off treatment, with a teaspoon of Ruffino Sparkling Rosé. According to the spa, the addition of rosé “restores radiance and suppleness,” while “infusing the skin with much-needed hydration.” When I asked Joshua Zeichner, the director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, what other skin benefits rosé offered, he was quick to point out that the grapes used in wine (in both red and rosé) are “rich in resveratrol, an antioxidant which helps calm inflammation in the skin, promotes healthy collagen production, and brightens a dull complexion.” (A-ha!)

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Does the Sparkling Rosé Deserve its Title of The Hottest Summer Facial?

Kinonen gives her final verdict asking “So, what did I think about the whole rosé facial experience? Honestly, it was such a nice treat for a hot, humid summer Friday, and I’d totally do it again — with or without the extra booze.” And she is quick to recommend her readers to experience the sparkling rosé facial for themselves, encouraging readers who “live in the New York City area and are dying to get your dose of summer water in the form of a fancy facial, give the lovely ladies of Skinney Medspa a call to set up an appointment at 646-883-8939 (or book an appointment online at But hurry: The High Tech Sparkling Rosé Facial is only available through summer, so you may want to start scheduling, like… now.”

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