Stubborn Fat: How to Get Rid of Bulges that Resist Diet and Exercise

stubborn fat

Stubborn fat can plague most anyone, even healthy, active adults, who diet and exercise. These persistent bulges become notorious problem areas, such as belly fat, double chins, love handles, and more. The weight loss industry would have us believe that getting rid of these stubborn fat deposits is as simple as “calories in, calories out.” But scientific advancements in our understanding of weight loss have proven that our body is more of a chemistry lab than a bank account. Genetics, gender, hormones, and other factors beyond a person’s control affect an individual’s ability to lose weight.

Read on to learn more about stubborn fat deposits. Discover why some bulges seem impossible to lose despite your best efforts, and discover an effective solution that is scientifically proven to reduce stubborn fat that resists diet and exercise.

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The physiology of stubborn fat

To understand why some bulges do not respond to diet or exercise, it is helpful to know some basics about the physiology of fat cells. Once you reach adulthood, the number of fat cells within the body and the distribution of those fat cells remain fixed. Gender, hormones, and genetics determine how many fat cells you have and where the body sends those fat cells. For women, the body typically distributes more fat cells to the thighs, buttocks, and hips. This is to create an energy preserve in preparation for pregnancy. For men, the body tends to distribute more fat cells to the belly, flanks, chin, and chest.

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Not only do you have more fat cells in certain areas, but these fat cells may be predisposed to hold on to fat more effectively than other fat cells. Fat cells have two types of receptors, Alpha-2 and Beta-2, and each fat cell has one type of receptor more than another type. Alpha-2 receptors program the fat cell to store fat for future use. Beta-2 receptors program the fat cells to break down and release the fat into the bloodstream for immediate use. Fat cells with more Alpha-2 receptors resist diet and exercise, while fat cells with more Beta-2 receptors tend to respond nicely to our efforts to work out and eat healthily.

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Stubborn Fat Deposits

Problem areas typically have a greater distribution of fat cells, and of those fat cells, most of them have more Alpha-2 receptors than Beta-2 receptors. This means that your stubborn fat deposit, whether it be belly fat, thigh fat, or a double chin, may be impossible to get rid of no matter what you do on your own.

How to Get Rid of Diet and Exercise Resistant Fat

With medical breakthroughs in the body contouring industry, fat reduction treatments can now offer solutions for stubborn fat deposits that you cannot seem to get rid of despite your best efforts. These fat reduction treatments, such as liposuction and CoolSculpting, are not weight loss treatments. They do not entice the fat cells to release stored fat. Instead, they remove the entire fat cell from the body. The body does not create more fat cells in its place, and the removed fat cells cannot grow back. This leads to a long-term solution for reducing stubborn fat deposits.

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