Sparkling Rosé Facial from Ruffino Wine and SKINNEY Medspa

sparkling rose facial

To celebrate National Rose Day, SKINNEY Medspa has partnered with Ruffino Wine to create the world’s first High Tech, Sparkling Rosé Facial! Available exclusively at SKINNEY Medspa during the month of June, the Sparkling Rosé Facial is expertly crafted to revitalize your skin and leave it radiant for a beautiful summer glow.

An Innovative Collaboration

Industry leaders SKINNEY Medspa and Ruffino Wine collaborate to create the world’s first high tech facial infused with Italian sparkling wine to offer innovative skincare that naturally tones skin for radiant complexions.

SKINNEY Medspa is a chic skin and laser spa in NYC who is often featured in mainstream media and renowned for its celebrity clientele. Founded by twin sisters Marisa and Adriana Martino, this one stop shop for all things beauty is renowned for elegance and excellence, enveloping clients in luxurious spa settings during high-end cosmetic treatments that utilize state of the art technology and advanced cosmetic techniques.

Ruffino Wine offers the tastes of Tuscany with award winning wines. Ruffino’s Sparkling Rosé is a refreshing, Italian sparkling wine comprised of Glera Grapes from vineyards in Northeast Italy, mixed with Pinot Noir for a  beautiful rose hue. An intoxicating aroma permeates the wine with hints of strawberry and rose petals. And crisp acidity and elegant bubbles delight the palate with fruity flavors, making this wine a summertime favorite.

The High Tech Sparkling Rosé Facial

SKINNEY Medspa founders, Marisa and Adriana Martino have combined their decades of experience in the skin care industry to craft an elegant facial recipe using Sparkling Rosé as the staple ingredient.

The Sparkling Rosé Facial is the first of its kind. Commenting on this innovative application of fine Italian wine with high tech skin care, Marisa Martino noted “whilst some people may be surprised to hear that sparkling rosé wine can be used in the beauty industry, we’ve found that the ingredients that make up this wine in particular have many benefits, including; restoring radiance and suppleness to the skin by targeting dry areas, and infusing the skin with much needed hydration. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to add an extra bit of glitz to their summer skin prep.”

Benefits of Sparkling Rosé on Your Skin


  • Fresh notes of strawberry offer a rich source of Vitamin C, which nourishes and revitalizes the skin, while stripping it of oils that contribute to acne. Vitamin C is also used to fortify the skin and improve blemishes by stimulating collagen production.


  • Hints of rose petals provide antioxidants believed to target free radicals that accelerate aging. Antioxidants also cleanse the skin of irritants, germs and excess oil. The organic rose petals infused in Sparkling Rosé moisturizes, making it especially helpful for individuals with dry and sensitive skin


  • Elegant bubbles, added to Sparkling Rosé to delight the palate, gently massages the skin as it delivers detoxifying antioxidants that improve tone and kiss the skin with a natural toner for a  healthy glow.


  • Refreshing acidity – The delicate balance of acidity that gives Sparkling Rosé a crisp and refreshing finish also removes excess sebum, the oil produced by the skin that commonly causes acne flare ups.


Book  Now to Get Your Sparkling Rosé Facial from SKINNEY Medspa


The High Tech Sparkling Rosé Facial is offered exclusively by SKINNEY Medspa, and will be available during the month of June while supplies last. To book your Sparkling Rose facial, call SKINNEY Medspa at (212) 754-6639 or sign up online.

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