SKINNEY Medspa Specials: CoolSculpting

skinney medspa specials

SKINNEY Medspa Specials is now featuring a great offer on Fat Reduction and Cellulite treatments. Check out Gilt City for the special offering one CoolSculpting session and one Venus Freeze Session: the ultimate fat reduction and cellulite removal package.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary fat reduction treatment that is effective, fast, and virtually painless.* In clinical studies measuring the use of controlled cooling, CoolSculpting was demonstrated to remove approximately one inch of fat, from the waistline, in one session.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

This non-invasive procedure freezes fat using Cryolipolysis technology. Cryolipolysis can freeze fat  because fat cells are highly sensitive to temperature fluxes, and can be frozen to the point of apoptosis, or cell death, through exposure to cold temperatures that do not bother surrounding skin cells and other tissues.¹ During CoolSculpting, a professional esthetician from SKINNEY Medspa, focuses controlled cooling to target the fat cells below the skin’s surface. Safely passing through the skin layer, a number of targeted fat cells are crystallized. After the fat cells are frozen, your body’s immune system gradually removes the dead cells from the body as waste. This leads to a natural looking fat reduction.¹*

What is Venus Freeze?

For all those wanting to know how reduce the appearance of cellulite, SKINNEY Medspa also offers the revolutionary cellulite treatment: Venus Freeze. Another non-invasive body contouring treatment that works in ideal collaboration with CoolSculpting, Venus Freeze combines the technologies of thermal energy and radio frequency to simultaneous target fat cells, aiming to break up cellulite, and smooth out the appearance of cellulite.*²

More FAQ on CoolSculpting + Venus Freeze

For more FAQ on CoolSculpting and Venus Freeze, check out this great article written in Gilty Pleasures, the online publication that reveals Gilt City’s editors pick of the best in city living: “CoolSculpting: The Easiest Way To Slim Down For Summer.”

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