SKINNEY MedSpa NYC Presents Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

What if we told you that there was a method for reducing fat (creating results such as liposuction), yet it requires no incisions, no local or general anesthesia, and could be performed in an hours’ time allowing you to get back to work without any pain or discomfort? Women and men all over New York City are heading to SKINNEY MedSpa for the breakthrough technology known as Venus Freeze-which offers everything that so many of us have been looking for.

Venus Freeze has quickly become widely popular and in demand as it has the ability to target problem areas where fat refuses to disappear with proper diet and exercise. These stubborn “problem areas” are also sometimes caused by a previous pregnancy. They have been referred to as: lovehandles, muffintops and a spare tire. It is with Venus Freeze that these areas can be targeted and real results can be achieved.

This non-invasive, FDA-Cleared method of removing fat is currently being offered at both of our Manhattan locations. The Venus Freeze experience is catered to the pace of our city, and we take pride in being able to offer a treatment that can be performed on your lunch break. Treatment time takes all of one hour and our professional staff will maximize your comfort as they provide you reading material or a facial by our expert facial technicians.

More about Venus Freeze is available on our website or you can call 212-754-6639 to speak with the SKINNEY MedSpa NYC team!

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