SKINNEY Medspa featured in Paper & Diamond

SKINNEY Medspa featured in Paper & Diamond

For internationally recognized event coordinator, Paper & Diamond, planning an event means creating the experience of a life time. And in order for clients to feel their best, they need to look their best. That is why P&D keeps their clientele and readership up to date on the latest, most luxurious beauty and wellness treatments available.


Paper & Diamond hail SKINNEY Medspa: “Age Defying Oasis”

Paper & Diamond, the exclusive event planner renowned for creating boutique, luxury destination events around the world, recently highlighted SKINNEY Medspa in a feature piece for Paper & Diamond’s beauty and wellness journal. Elaine Waksman, Wellness Director of Paper & Diamond, took a tour of SKINNEY Medspa’s flagship location, and offers an extensive review of NYC’s premiere med and wellness spa, for her article “Skinney Medspa’s Age Defying Oasis.”

Paper & Diamond distinguishes SKINNEY Medspa from the other beauty and wellness spas in NYC, for being unbelievably convenient and impressively luxurious and professional.


The one stop shop for all things beauty

As an international event coordinator, Paper & Diamond understands that “in a society primed to expect convenience in all realms and regards, we are no strangers to our beauty treatments being a one stop shop so to speak.” But SKINNEY Medspa far exceeds the average one-stop beauty shop that offers hair styling, brow shaping, and a pedicure.  As P&D frames it, SKINNEY Medspa goes “a step further…” asking readers to imagine a spa, where “in addition to your cut and color, what if you could also experience the Vampire Facelift, receive dermal filler injections or undergo a cellulite zapping treatment as well.”

SKINNEY Medspa is not only lauded for its cosmetic spectrum of services, but for its impressive team of industry icons and professional elite. Paper & Diamond explains “Understanding concepts of convenience as well as an unmatched level of service was the basis for the creation of SKINNEY Medspa, the brainchild of sisters Adriana and Marisa Martino. This team of aestheticians has partnered with certified cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Hadley King, and New York salon space Warren Tricomi, to result in a single destination where everything from laser hair removal to CoolSculpting fat-freezing procedures are part of the service menu.”

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Expertise in the latest innovations of cosmetic technologies

Adrianna and Marisa Martino looking ageless, posing for their company they founded, Skinney Medspa.

Interviewing SKINNEY Medspa co-founder Marisa Martino, P&D relayed the Martino Twins’ vision of an anti-aging facility where we utilized top technologies from all industries in relation to our passion for all things beauty.” And it is by utilizing the latest innovations in cosmetic technologies (paired with skilled professionals and luxurious settings) that “sets [SKINNEY Medspa] apart from competitors and other medical spas” explains P&D. And Marisa Martino agrees. Asked how SKINNEY Medspa distinguished itself from other NYC spas, Martino answers:“Technology. We have all of the industry’s top technology for skin-tightening muscles, shrinking fat cells, painless hair removal, dark spot reduction – you name it, but the list goes on!”


Fat Reduction & Cellulite Reducing Technologies and Procedures

Paper & Diamond was eager to learn more about non-invasive body contouring that uses advanced technologies to treat cellulite and reduce fat. In fact, fat reduction procedures are some of SKINNEY Medspa’s most popular services. As Martino tells P&D  “We launched CoolSculpting [a non-invasive procedure that literally reduces fat by freezing it to death] in 2012, and it has quickly become our most popular procedure. We utilize dual modalities and a Venus freeze radio frequency. This combination produces superior results compared to any other med spa.”

Advance Skin Tightening Technologies

Body Contouring not only reduces fat, some technologies can also tone and tighten areas of loose or sagging skin, such as the skin around the chin and jaw line or under arms. As P&D inquires “how about top treatments to help the body appear firmed and toned, for example, our destination brides who need a little tightening in those tougher areas?”


Martino suggests “Venus freeze, our radio frequency technology that helps shrink fat cells. Results are usually immediate, and there’s virtually no down time to get right into a bikini after. It helps reduce the appearance of cellulite as well, so it is great for the front and back of your legs.

High-Tech Facials: the perfect anti-aging treatment for your special day

With a question specifically tailored towards the clientele of P&D, Martino was asked What advice can you offer for women preparing for a high society function such as a wedding, destination event or other “red carpet ready” occasion? Are there treatments that are an absolute MUST?”

I love our high-tech facials at SKINNEY Medspa. We incorporate a pharmaceutical grade glycolic peel to dissolve impurities and dead skin cells, and use an LED mask to stimulate collagen to give skin a glow. High-frequency modalities help lift and tighten the skin. This is the perfect combination to get your skin glowing before any debut.

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P&D elaborates on SKINNEY Medspa’s High-Tech Facials, which incorporates a range of “facial therapies such as micro-needling, hydra-facials, oxygen facials, no down time lasers,” leaving clients with youthful, radiant skin.” Martino adds “ I also love our photo facial, because it takes 15 minutes and helps remove dark spots and redness with no downtime.”

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