Skin Tightening With the Venus Freeze

Skin Tightening With the Venus Freeze

Firm and tighten loose or sagging skin with the Venus Freeze. The latest in body contour technology, the Venus Freeze is a non-invasive solution that produces results similar to skin tightening cosmetic surgery such as a face lift or tummy tuck. Find out how the Venus Freeze uses dual technology to tighten and firm loose and sagging skin around the face, neck, arms, belly, buttocks, thighs, or any other area of the body that needs skin rejuvenation.

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Thousands of people go under the knife each year for a cosmetic surgery, such as a face lift, tummy tuck, or neck lift to tighten loose skin. But cosmetic surgery is expensive, painful, and comes with numerous risks and potential side effects. Fortunately, revolutionary treatments in the field of body contouring have made cosmetic surgery obsolete. The Venus Freeze is one such treatment. It offers an effective way to tighten skin without the risks, the painful and lengthy recovery, nor the expensive surgeon bills that come with plastic surgery.

The Venus Freeze combines 2 different body contouring technologies: radio frequency and magnetic pulses. This dynamic duo provides a multidimensional treatment that can reduce fat, diminish cellulite, and tighten skin, all at the same time.

Even if the Venus Freeze did not help reduce cellulite and reduce fat, it would still be a wildly popular therapy for its skin tightening benefits. Learn more about the causes of loose and sagging skin and how the dual radio frequency and magnetic pulse technologies of the Venus Freeze can help you come to love the skin you’re in.

Skin Tightening with the Venus Freeze

What causes loose and sagging skin?

To better understand how the Venus Freeze effectively tightens skin, it is important to know what causes loose skin. Loose or sagging skin has three culprits. The first is environmental. Sun exposure, or ultraviolet radiation, breaks down the cells in your skin, enhancing the aging process. This type of skin damage is known as photo aging. The second cause of loose skin can be circumstantial, such as a dramatic weight loss or pregnancy. The last cause of sagging skin is biological. As we age, our skin decreases its collagen and elastin production, which is responsible for your skin’s supportive connective tissue. Without this connective tissue our skin loses its firmness and becomes more susceptible to gravity.

The Venus Freeze Solution for Loose Skin

Using dual therapies, the Venus Freeze harnesses your body’s natural healing process, stimulating a surge of natural collagen and elastin production within your skin. The Venus Freeze not only causes your body to create more collagen and elastin, it also strengthens the connective fibers that are already in place.

How the Venus Freeze Works

The magnetic pulses from the Venus Freeze safely and painlessly penetrate your skin, inducing your body to produce more blood vessels and dermal fibroblast. The radio frequency technology causes microscopic tears in the dermal layer of your skin tissue. Similar to the way weightlifting creates more muscle, these painless tears stimulate the bodies natural healing process. The body then creates more collagen and elastin. The increase production of these tightening proteins leaves the skin firmer, more evenly toned, and younger looking.

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