Personal Skin Care Routine of Esthetician at Leading Skin Spa NYC

Personal Skin Care Routine of Esthetician at Leading Skin Spa NYC

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Adriana Martino is a licensed aesthetician and co-owner of the SKINNEY Medspa.

When it comes to skin care, the internet is full of tips, products, and advertisements, making it hard to determine which skin care routine is most effective. A great way to weed through all the skin care advice is to find out what estheticians personally incorporate into their own skin care routine.

In an interview with Adriana Martino, professional esthetician and owner of SKINNEY Medspa, the luxurious skin spa NYC elite prefer, she reveals three simple skin care ingredients used in her own skin care routine.

CoolSculpting NYCThere has been a surging popularity of simple skin care treatments consisting of ingredients that are easily found in the kitchen. Does your skin care routine include anything your clients can find at home?

“Absolutely, the kitchen pantry is a treasure trove of things you can incorporate into your regular skin care routine. Cinnamon is known to have a holistic effect on your body and it is proven to have the same beneficial effect on your skin. Cinnamon  is great for diffusing redness from your skin and giving your face a more even toned complexion by promoting blood and oxygen to the surface of your skin, A lot of people like to use cinnamon in home remedies for acne, drying out any overactive oil glands. Mix honey in with cinnamon for an at-home mask! Use sparingly, because a large amount of cinnamon can be over-drying.”

CoolSculpting NYCIt has been a crazy winter this year in NYC, and our skin has really born the brunt of the frigid temperatures. What winter skin care product do you incorporate into your skin care routine?

I would recommend products with coconut oil. Coconut oil has been proven to be quite amazing on your hair, skin and nails. Coconut oil is especially beneficial for healing and repairing cracked, dry lips, which happen a lot in the winter. I personally use Stella McCartney’s new line called Jax Coco. It is the most lux out of all of the coconut oil lines. Jax Coco is unique because they spin the product through a certain filtering system that separates the line to stay silky and enriched. You can find this line at high end hotels, salons and any luxurious skin spa NYC residents favor.

CoolSculpting NYCWhat would you consider your “secret weapon” for combating winter skin maladies?

skin care“My winter skincare regimen consists of a 30% Skinceuticals’ glycolic mask once a week, or before a party or event to help my skin glow. Glycolic peels help to remove the outer layer of dead dull skin off the surface, leaving your skin healthy and vibrant. It also helps with superficial fine lines from dehydrated skin, which often happens in the winter months. Most all skin types can benefit from glycolic acid. AHA’s ( alpha hydroxy acid) is derived from fruit, and is proven to keep you skin looking young by promoting cellular turnover. Use in a small amount daily to keep your skin exfoliated. Find a great glycolic mask at whichever skin spa NYC residents patron.

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