Here’s what others are saying:

I don’t know why I was so afraid of the laser (maybe because I read so many horror stories) but it’s a little less painful than a rubber band snap. Adriana was extremely comforting, cool and knowledgeable. I have to go through 12 sessions but I’m glad that I have Adriana and her twin sister for the whole process. It’s worth every penny and I can’t wait to see the end result!

– Landon L.
Yelper, Manhattan, New York

I have been coming to Skinney Medspa for about 6 months now and predominantly seen Adriana. I originally came for the Photo Facial for some redness and acne scars I had, and followed up with the Pixel treatment. I have seen such great progress in my skin it is amazing. The staff is always great, helpful and very patient answering any questions you might have after your treatment. I always feel safe following Adriana’s direction; I would not go anywhere else for treatments.

– Bonnie O

The facility is clean, classic, and gorgeous. I think it’s the first floor of an old townhouse, actually. Really upscale looking. The kind of place where you feel like you might bump into a celeb in the waiting area, having some work done.

The girl that did my laser treatment today, Michelle, was a complete doll. She listened to my needs and attended to them perfectly. She alleviated all the fears that I had had after my previous, not so awesome treatment. She really took the time to see exactly where my skin needed more attention, and where it needed less, and customized the treatment specifically for me – which technicians haven’t done for me in the past.

Seriously, I had a great experience with Michelle. She really cares about the work. If you have treatments done here you won’t be sorry.

– Anni B.
Yelper, Manhattan, New York

Skinney Medspa was very impressive. It is in a great location and the office is gorgeous inside. The staff was very friendly, professional and knowledgeable . I was attended to very quickly. Now of course as a man I am not going to disclose what treatment I received there. I had this this undisclosed treatment done before at other places and I will tell you they did the best job so far. I will be going back for additional treatments. Very impressed, thank you.

– Christopher M.
Yelper, Manhattan, New York

I’ve had multiple laser hair removal sessions before but this was the first time I had such a painless session. The laser basically felt like an ice cube running over your skin until right before she picks it up where you feel a very small heated pinch. PLUS, it only took her maybe 5 minutes to finish the entire area –it was incredible!

I was seen at my appointment time exactly which was great since I had to head back to work. The receptionist was fine and even handed me a “welcome gift” which was a pamphlet on how to care for the areas being treated and a lollipop. The technician answered any questions I had with a smile.

– Peggy P.
Yelper, Manhattan, New York
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