Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy

Red Light Therapy

 Red light therapy is a unique treatment that men and women in NYC are taking advantage of. The therapy at SKINNEY Medspa offers a range of benefits, and was recently featured on the website for digital media company, Betches. The article titled, “WTF Is Red Light Therapy & Should You Try It?” goes in depth to the treatment and why it could solve your skin problems.

What Is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy uses wavelengths of a red and near infrared light to strengthen the mitochondria in your cells. SKINNEY Medspa offers red light therapy with several of their facial treatments. It is a 20-minute therapy that produces remarkable anti-aging results by helping the body naturally produce proteins elastin and collagen. The proteins that support, healthy, young looking skin. With this increased production, the skin becomes more flexible, reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and loose skin.

Will You See Results?

The Betches team spoke to SKINNEY Medspa’s, Lindsay Malachowski. She enlightened them on red light therapy and says, “It is the most gentle form of photodynamic therapy.” She continues to say that, “It is not going to get you the same results as laser skin resurfacing, because the LED is gentler than a laser and doesn’t work directly on the skin. However, she reiterates that the therapy is not useless, and is clinically proven to benefit people who suffering from redness, inflammation, breakouts, and eczema.

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There are statements that red light therapy could have weight loss and fat reduction effects. However, Malachowski says, “There’s ‘little scientific evidence’ supporting those particular claims.”

Who Will Benefit?

Red light therapy can also benefit people dealing with body pains, according to the Betches article. It explains that people, who have joint pain, trouble sleeping, or struggle with mental recovery, can also take advantage of the therapy. “Elite athletes” are also said to use red light therapy to increase their performance.

Red Light Therapy In NYC

Learn more about red light therapy by learning more about the LED face mask available from SKINNEY Medspa. Schedule a complimentary skin consultation at one of the convenient Medspa locations in Manhattan. Schedule online or by calling 646-883-8931.

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