Pumpkin Enzyme: Natural Skincare | Microdermabrasion in a Bottle

pumpkin enzyme

Pumpkin Enzyme: Natural Skincare

Microdermabrasion in a Bottle

A pumpkin enzyme mask or skincare products with pumpkin enzyme extracts are ideal for exfoliating skin to reveal a smoother, more radiant complexion. Find out why pumpkin enzyme is ideal for sensitive skin that looks dull and tired, and why this ingredient is commonly found in high-end exfoliators and other skincare products.

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The Benefits of Pumpkin Enzyme

Pumpkin enzyme is loaded with numerous skin benefiting properties, including antioxidants and Alpha Hydroxy Acids, commonly known as AHAs.

Antioxidants in Pumpkin Enzyme

Pumpkin extracts are rich in antioxidants Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Vitamin A, which is the main derivative of retinol is a powerful antioxidant shown to promote the production of collagen and promote cellular regeneration, helping skin feel smoother and softer and look younger and healthier.

Vitamin C has been shown to repair damage that results from extrinsic and intrinsic aging by combating free radicals.

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Alpha Hydroxy Acids in Pumpkin Enzyme Extract

Pumpkin enzyme is rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA.) Alpha Hydroxy Acids help dissolve dead skin cells and increase the rate of cellular turnover. They work by consuming dead, dehydrated skin cells, triggering cell renewal. This results in smoother, healthier looking skin.

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Pumpkin Enzyme Extract in Microdermabrasion in a Bottle

pumpkin enzyme


Microdermabrasion in a bottle is a high-end exfoliator from the Medspa in a Bottle Collection. This popular skincare product is infused with pumpkin enzyme extract that helps to dissolve dead skin cells and promote cellular turnover. In addition, Microdermabrasion in a Bottle gently scrubs away impurities using smooth bamboo beads. These bamboo beads delicately slough away dead skin cells without tearing the skin, unlike other exfoliators that use plastic micro beads that have been shown to scratch the surface of the skin.

Learn more about the dangers of micro beads and the natural alternatives, such as bamboo beads that gentle exfoliate without damaging the skin by reading the article “exfoliating scrubs: the best and worst kinds of exfoliates for your skin.”


Benefits of Microdermabrasion in a bottle

  • eliminate dead cells with deep exfoliation
  • Uncover, healthier, smoother, more radiant skin
  • pumpkin enzyme extract promotes cellular turnover
  • fight free radicals and combat the signs of aging
  • smooth bamboo beads gently exfoliate without damaging skin

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