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SKINNEY Medspa is the leading provider of cosmetic treatments and top-of-the-line skincare products in NYC, including products containing CBD to help your skin glow.


Skincare requires expertise, commitment, and careful consideration in order to be safe from everyday exposure to the sun, inevitable skin changes that come with age, and so on. Among SKINNEY’s luxury skincare products is MĀSK, a brand specializing in mask sheets and products containing CBD. Read on to learn more specifically about MĀSK products that help the skin heal from the sun.


Skin And The Sun

Knowing about your skin’s relationship with the sun can help you understand why CBD, sunscreen, and other products help keep your skin healthy. Infamous sunburns often happen due to a lack of protection for the skin (sunscreen) and long hours in sunlight. Years of overexposure from the sun can age the skin a lot faster and in more drastic ways. Sun rays can be harmful all year long, no matter the season or location. Even in cloudy weather, the sun can affect your skin in negative ways. As we’re becoming more aware of the long-term effects of our skin in the sun, new products and solutions arrive to help.


CBD For Sunburns

MĀSK skincare wrote an article all about CBD for sunburns to help you know another solution to finding relief from sunburns. CBD (cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid found in the hemp plant and is gaining popularity in skincare due to its anti-inflammatory properties. In the article, MĀSK states, “CBD works to reduce the body’s inflammatory response, and sunburn is just that: an inflammatory reaction to the sun’s UV rays. Whether you ingest CBD, apply it topically or opt to do both (our favorite), your skin can reap the benefits of this hemp-derived compound”.


In the same article, MĀSK also mentioned that “CBD works within the body’s endocannabinoid system to reduce systemic inflammation throughout the body, including the skin. But CBD can also be used topically to target inflammation from the outside in”. So though this article was written to warn about sunburns in anticipation of summer, the truths of CBD benefits for the skin remain true for year-round skincare.


MĀSK CBD Products

Luckily, if you experience sunburn at any time during the year, brands like MĀSK provide effective products made with CBD to help heal redness and inflammation. MĀSK sheet masks and skincare products are all carefully crafted using only hand-picked, plant-derived ingredients all highlighted by the full spectrum of CBD oil. CBD oil benefits include:


  • Calms inflammation in the skin
  • Gentle but effective in alleviating dryness
  • Soothes irritation
  • Improves skin to be clearer, more hydrated, and glowing


MĀSK is also the first skincare brand in the world to utilize cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, and CBC.


MĀSK Skincare Near Me | NYC

SKINNEY Medspa of NYC proudly provides MĀSK skincare products and treatments for those looking to heal sunburns or improve their skin in any way. As the premier provider of luxury skincare brands like MĀSK, but also a wide array of cosmetic treatments, SKINNEY is well-known for customer satisfaction and excellent results. Contact SKINNEY for a free consultation



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