The Cosmetic Treatments Celebrities Get to Look Beautiful With No Makeup

no makeupThe cosmetic treatments Celebrities get to Look Beautiful With No Makeup

Whether you are for or against the “no makeup” movement, the trend to go natural is gaining momentum. Stars, like Alicia Keys and Kim Kardashian, are only a few of the faces of this movement. As Jenna Rosenstein, beauty columnist at Elle explains, “more and more celebrities are publicly stripping off their makeup.” But how many of the ‘bare but beautiful’ faces showing up on the red carpet are actually the result of natural beauty? Rosenstein dispels the myths in her article “The Procedures Celebrities Get So They Look Flawless Without Makeup.”

Rosenstein is quick to point out that the “no-makeup experience of these celebrities” is highly influenced by high “caliber cosmetic treatments…aimed at anti-aging and perfecting skin.” Elle reveals many of these treatments, listing the common skin conditions and signs of aging that we seek to cover up with makeup and the cosmetic treatment that improves these conditions and so women can look fabulous with no makeup.

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How to Diminish Dark Spots with No Makeup

To reverse and repair sun damage, celebrities opt for laser skin resurfacing using Clear + Brilliant. This treatment provides a gentle fractionated laser that delivers stellar results without the downtime associated with the more intense lasers like Fraxel. As Elle’s skincare expert explains: “Fraxel was all the rage. But a lot of people come in and they don’t want four or five days of downtime afterward. Clear + Brilliant is a slower process. It will help remove pigmentation, increase collagen production, and give skin a little bit of radiance.” Clear and Brilliant’s ability to reverse sun damage so women can get away wearing no makeup is clearly evident in these Clear and Brilliant before and after pictures.

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Improve Under eye Circles with No Makeup

Dark bags under the eyes can be hard to treat. As Elle explains, “dark circles are hereditary more than anything else,” however, “lack of sleep, emotional stress, and dehydration can exacerbate the problem.” Dark bags can result from loss of volume in the eye and cheek region. This creates a hollowness that casts shadows, darkening the area under the eye. But no makeup is required to improve the appearance of bags under the eyes. Dermal Fillers can help. Fillers contain volumizing substances, usually containing Hyaluronic acid. This can plump up the area around the cheeks and under the eye to diminish shadows.

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Tired, Dull  Skin

For skin that is dull and worn down, Elle suggests microneedling, warning readers that “the microneedling a dermatologist does is far different than what you can do at home with one of those stabby little rollers.” Microneedling rejuvenates the skin and improves tone and texture by “creating tons of tiny injuries to the skin, in turn stimulating the collagen and elastin fibers to make the face appear plumper and more glowy. It can also clear up acne scars and be used to help introduce potent serums deep into the skin,” says Elle.

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