New York City CoolSculpting | Find the Best NYC Spa for Fat Freezing

New York City CoolSculpting

New York City CoolSculpting | Find the Best NYC Spa for Fat Freezing

New York City CoolSculpting facilities are numerous in Manhattan. The popular fat freezing procedure has created a robust consumer demand. In response, many doctors and medical spas want a piece of this booming market. But with all the many New York City CoolSculpting providers, how is one to know which provider is best?

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Read on to discover why it is so important to choose your New York City CoolSculpting provider judiciously. Plus, learn about the qualities to look for when shopping around for the best fat freezing facility in Manhattan.

Why Finding the Best New York City CoolSculpting Spa is So Important

CoolSculpting is like other cosmetic treatments. Similar to liposuction, the proficiency, and expertise of the person performing the fat freezing procedure greatly affect the patient’s experience and outcomes. Nevertheless, the provider’s experience in body contouring treatments is only one factor to consider. Other factors that influence your results include the techniques and technologies used during the treatment.

What to look for when picking a New York City CoolSculpting Facility

  • The training of the technician performing the procedure
  • The experience of the technician performing the procedure
  • The overall reputation of the facility you receive the procedure from
  • The technology used during the treatment
  • The technique utilized by the technician to perform the procedure

Qualities of Dependable New York City CoolSculpting Providers

For the best fat freezing results, ensure that your technician has been thoroughly trained at CoolSculpting University. Also, confirm that the technician is experienced in performing the procedure (look for facilities that have conducted at least 1,000 treatments.)

You will also want to enquire about the technology the spa has invested in. Choose only New York City CoolSculpting facilities that have two or more CoolSculpting machines and the latest line of CoolSculpting applicators. The newest applicators, called the CoolAdvantage collection, have many advantages over the old applicators. With the new CoolAdvantage collection, treatment times are reduced to as little as 35 minutes. In addition, the CoolAdvantage applicators are designed to make the treatment more comfortable and decrease post-treatment side effects, such as mild redness, bruising, tenderness, or swelling. Lastly, the CoolAdvantage collection introduces new applicators, FDA cleared to treat hard to reach areas. These include armpit fat, known as bra bulge, submental fullness (neck fat or a double chin,) and upper arm fat.

The Best New York City CoolSculpting Provider

No other single CoolSculpting facility sells more treatments than SKINNEY Medspa. Literally, no other. SKINNEY Medspa is the top-selling CoolSculpting provider in the world. Obviously, there is no other New York City CoolSculpting provider more experienced than SKINNEY Medspa. In addition, SKINNEY Medspa’s technicians are trained at CoolSculpting University and highly experienced in performing the fat freezing procedure.

Moreover, clients have the option of dual sculpting, using two machines at once. Lastly, SKINNEY Medspa utilizes the most advanced techniques and most modern technology, including the latest line of applicators, the CoolAdvantage collection.

Ensure your investment and guarantee optimal results by choosing SKINNEY Medspa as your preferred New York City CoolSculpting provider. Schedule a complimentary consultation online or call (212) 754-6639.

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