The New CoolSculpting Applicators: The CoolAdvantage Collection

coolsculpting applicatorsThe New CoolSculpting Applicators: The CoolAdvantage Collection

There are many new treatments for non-invasive fat reduction, but none of them can match the results attained from CoolSculpting. The only advantage these other fat reduction treatments USED to have over CoolSculpting was shorter treatment times. But NOW, a new line of CoolSculpting Applicators, known as the CoolAdvantage Collection, have dramatically shortened CoolSculpting treatment times to as little as 35 minutes.

In addition to cutting treatment times in half, the CoolAdvantage collection of CoolSculpting Applicators are more effective, more economically efficient, reducing CoolSculpting cost, decrease post treatment discomfort, and can target new areas of the body that the old collection of CoolSculpting applicators could not, such as a double chin.

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The New Line of CoolSculpting Applicators


CoolSculpting applicators

The CoolMini is specifically designed to target submental fullness, also known as a double chin. It is one of the best, fastest and most cost-effective non-surgical methods available today. In addition, the CoolMini was recently cleared by the FDA to improve the appearance of skin laxity around the chin and neck area.

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The COOLPETITE Advantage CoolSculpting applicator executes fat reduction with pinpoint precision. The innovative design easily adjusts to bodies of all sizes and shapes or fat regions and is one of the best non-surgical tools to reduce fat in the upper arm area. It can also target stubborn fat deposits located around the knees, thighs, and bra lines. 


CoolSculpting applicators

By cutting fat reduction treatment time by almost half, the COOLFIT Advantage CoolSculpting applicator has become one of the most efficient body sculpting tools available. The COOLFIT is ideal for targeting inner thigh fat as well as other bulging areas. The cooling system is twice as fast as past methods. In addition, it does so with minimal bruising and cost much less than invasive surgery.



CoolSculpting applicators

The COOLCURVE+ Advantage is able to help remove excess fat found on people with narrow body frames. Irrespective of the body shapes and sizes, the COOLPETITE Advantage sculpting tool will freeze tissue accurately. Problem areas such as bra bulges, banana rolls, love handles, bra line and others, are reduced safely and effectively. Patients not only save on CoolSculpting cost, they also experience more comfort and less bruising with this new line of CoolSculpting Applicators.


CoolSculpting applicators

The COOLCURVE ADVANTAGE™ PLUS is belly fat’s worst nightmare. In addition, deposits of fatty tissue on the hips, arms and chest are frozen away by the advanced applicator. Man boobs and moobs are also reduced easily since this is one of the biggest applicators available. The design was created specifically for removing extra flab and fat. This results in faster recovery, less bruising and smooth treatment sessions.


CoolSculpting applicators

The abdomen area is one of the most problematic areas for most adults when it comes to stubborn fat that resists diet and exercise. Excess flabby tissue, such as belly fat has a propensity to resist diet and exercise and seems to become worse with age. In the past, expensive and intrusive surgery, like liposuction was one of the only options for people who wanted, flat, contoured abdomens.

The COOLCORE Advantage CoolSculpting applicator makes liposuction obsolete for reducing belly fat. The COOLCORE both reduces fat and contours the abdomen to accentuate musculature, providing patients with flat stomachs and sculpted abs. Each treatment session with the COOLCORE Advantage CoolSculpting applicator takes only 35 minutes to perform.

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CoolSculpting applicators

Individuals looking to attain spectacular fat reduction results, rely on the COOLCORE ADVANTAGE™ PLUS CoolSculpting applicator. This de-bulking tool is one of the biggest CoolSculpting Applicators is uniquely designed to target bulging regions in the upper and lower abdomen sections. In turn, the flabby tissue is frozen, reduced and diminished. After which, contouring CoolSculpting applicators may be utilized to sculpt the area.

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