Prevent Facial Swelling and Puffy Eyes

Morning puffiness can be exhausting to wake up to. Men and women wonder what’s causing them to wake up with such a swollen appearance. Are there ways to prevent it? Experts say yes. SKINNEY Medspa is featured on in an article titled, “Puffy Eyes? Here’s Why Your Face Swells Overnight.” SKINNEY Medspa’s Beauty Director Patricia Giles explains the anatomy behind waking up with morning puffiness. She gives advice on what you can do to fix it.

A simple cause of morning puffiness can be the position you are sleeping. Being horizontal can let fluid redistribute and settle in another area. Basically, if you sleep on one side, the other side of your face on the pillow will likely be puffier. That’s not the only reason for morning swelling – hormone fluctuations, water retention, and a large intake of salt or alcohol can cause the problem.

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SKINNEY Medspa’s Patricia Giles explains why the eyes are typically swollen the most. “It’s due to the area’s delicate nature. The physiology of the eye contour area is unique from the rest of the face — it shows the most signs of fatigue because it’s the most strained and fragile area,” she said. The eyes blink about 10,000 times a day to keep them hydrated and functions. Overnight, waste products from blood in the eyes can build up. “This fluid retention then presents as swelling in the lower eyelid. And while it typically subsides throughout the morning, the puffiness can persist depending on circulation.”

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Prevention of morning puffiness is key. Giles says to adjust the position and environment you sleep in. “To avoid puffiness, it’s best to sleep on your back with an extra pillow, so the face stays elevated and can get better fluid circulation,” said Giles. “I also recommend hypoallergenic pillows, regularly changing sheets to steer clear of dust and avoiding a central heater in the winter because it can dry and sensitize the eyes, which leads to puffiness.”

In addition, making changes to your diet and skincare routine can also make a difference. Of course, drink more water. Eating less salt can prevent water retention – leading to a less puffy morning.


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