Maracuja Oil Benefits

maracuja oil

Maracuja oil is the latest craze in natural skin care. To illuminate its readers on Maracuja Oil benefits, Mimi Chatter interviews skin care expert Adriana Martino for the article: “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Maracuja Oil” by Aly Walansky.

Maracuja Oil Benefits

Mimi Chatter exclaims “Like most wondrous treatments, Maracuja oil was first discovered in nature; it’s derived from the Passion Flower plant and can also be sourced from the Passion Flower seed. “Maracuja oil is light so it’s a great replacement to a standard moisturizer, as you can get a better absorption effect by its ability to penetrate easily into the skin,” says Adriana Martino, founder of SKINNEY Medspa.”

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Maracuja Oil Benefits

Mimi Chatter continues its catalog of Maracuja Oil benefits by citing its anti-inflammation properties and noting that it’s a great natural antioxidant “to your skin, helping create a barrier between environmental damage such as free radicals. ‘Mix Maracuja Oil with any Vitamin C and apply to your skin in the morning for an antioxidant boost!’ says Martino.”

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Maracuja Oil: More than just great for the skin

Maracuja Oil is more than a great natural skin moisturizer, it promotes a better night’s rest, so you can take full advantage of your beauty sleep.

It can also calm the nerves. Mimi Chatter provides its readers with a great natural stress reliever recipe from SKINNEY Medspa founder “Adding a drop of lavender essential oil to Maracuja Oil can be calming and relaxing. It can also relieve stress, says Martino. (Nice little bonus!).”

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Maracuja Oil can be a great addition to your skin care regime for maintaining the health, vitality, and appearance of your skin. Home skin care regimes are more effective than ever with recent innovations in skin care products.

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