LED Face Mask: The Latest Miracle in Skin Care

led face mask

LED Face Mask and Color Light Therapy

LED face masks, which harness Color Light technology, is a revolutionary skin treatment that dramatically improves skin tone, treats acne, and stimulates the body’s natural production of collagen, the protein responsible for keeping the skin young.

The Light Emitting Diode (LED) Face Mask painlessly penetrates the skin with different wavelengths of light. The specific wavelengths of light treat different skin ailments and provide extraordinary anti-aging skin care.

Treating Skin with Color Light Therapy

The LED face masks uses both red and blue wavelengths of light, as well as near infrared light.

Red light, emitted from the LED Face Mask is used to produce amazing anti-aging results. Red light has been clinically proven to stimulate the body’s natural production of the proteins elastin and collagen. The increased production of elastin and collagen improves the skin’s flexibility, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and tones the skin by reducing sagging and loose skin.

Blue light, emitted from the LED Face Mask, has been clinically shown to kill the bacteria that leads to acne.

Near infrared light, emitted from the LED Face Mask, has been clinically proven to improve blood circulation, which dramatically aids in the skin’s ability to heal itself. It can also promote better scar healing.

LED Face Mask Reviews in the Press

The popularity of LED Face Masks has been showcased in prominent publications such as Harper’s Bazaar and The New York Times.

In the article, “Light Therapy for Home Use Catches On,” The New York Times quotes the response of “a self described skeptic of beauty products” after receiving colored light therapy using a LED Face Mask. “The biggest immediate difference was the tone of my skin got so much better.” The New York Times also notes that “the lines around her lips and eyes had softened.”

In the article “Why Celebrities Swear By This Anti-Aging Miracle Mask,” Harper’s Bazaar interviews a famed NYC facialist who uses the LED Face Mask with her celebrity clientele. The facialist states that “anyone who wants to prolong healthy looking skin without invasive surgeries, [the LED Face Mask is]  a phenomenal tool,” explaining “it’s fabulous for inflammation and controlling the sebaceous glands.”

Bazaar also interviews a famous makeup artist who struggled to find an effective treatment for her skin ailment. She explains that “something started happening with my skin—rosacea, I think—and it was brutal; nothing was working. I used the [LED Face Mask] one time, and the texture and quality of my skin changed. It’s definitely tighter.”

LED Facials in NYC

SKINNEY Medspa, a leading skin and laser spa in New York City offers the latest in Colored Light Therapy with the LED Face Mask. To learn more about the LED Face Mask and how it can help you get rid of acne, while reducing the signs of aging and promoting clear, radiant, healthy looking skin, sign up for a free consultation today.

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