LED Face Mask: The Weird Beauty Tool of Jessica Alba & Kourtney Kardashian

Bustle beauty writer, Phoebe Waller, helps her readers to discover “a new tool that saves you time and effort, makes your life generally easier, and helps you to look and feel fabulous” in her article 9 Weird Beauty Tools Experts Swear By & How To Use Them In Your Routine. To guide her readers, Waller “spoke to a bunch of beauty experts to discover the weird beauty tools that they swear by, in the hopes you might find a new, favorite tool that’ll simplify your beauty routine.”


The LED Face Mask

One beauty expert featured in the Bustle article is Adriana Martino, the co-owner of SKINNEY Medspa. Adriana Martino tells Bustle “my favorite yet relatively weird tool I use on myself (at home and [in the] office) and my clients is The Aurora LED face mask.” The LED face mask delivers amazing anti-aging skin benefits by using Color Light Technology. The face mask is equipped with numerous Light Emitting Diodes (LED) that deliver different wavelengths of light. These wavelengths of light safely penetrate the skin to stimulate the body’s collagen production. Collagen is a protein that fortifies the skin matrix, helping skin stay supple, flexible, tight, and wrinkle free. Skin treatments using the LED face mask improve skin tone, restore radiance and can help with acne. ­­


One of the best LED face Masks is the Aurora Low Level Light Therapy System LED Mask Self Home Esthetic 100~240V. Adriana Martino forewarns “this mask can look downright scary! We keep it in the corner of our treatment room and it can look like a spooky, strange Halloween prop, but it is super effective!”


Martino touts the Aurora saying “the mask works well as the LED red and blue light is super bright.” She explains why the Aurora is the LED Face Mask SKINNEY Medspa chooses for its patients: “while other LED systems lie close to your face (which is super bright even with protective eyewear) our Aurora LED mask is the perfect alternative, as it has holes around your eyes making it so much more relaxing. I use the LED mask for an extra boost of collagen and to brighten my skin and the blue light for any active breakouts. As seen on celebs like Jessica Alba and Kourtney Kardashian.”

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While marketed as an at home treatment, the price of the Aurora doesn’t make it practical for the typical person. On amazon, the LED Face Masks sells for $1,400 plus. Because of the price, many men and women who want to try out the Aurora Face Mask schedule an appointment at their local NYC Medical spa.


To discover the other weird beauty tools listed by Bustle, check out the article here.

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