Laser Resurfacing Skin Advice

Skinney Med Spa Laser Resurfacing NYCLaser Resurfacing Skin Advice

Alright, ladies. We’ve heard a lot in the recent past about the pros and cons of different treatments for scars, pigmentation issues, acne, fine lines, wrinkles, and everything else that creeps up on a face over time that we want to get rid of. Once again, lasers are the answer if you’re looking for the cleanest, least invasive treatment of these issues. And because of today’s technology, it’s very cheap now–the costs go down the way they go for computers and other hi-tech gadgets, and last year’s expensive buy is this year’s bargain.

Laser resurfacing cost is not a big issue, so what about the methods it uses? Fractional laser resurfacing is one of the newest technologies. “Ablative” and “non-ablative” treatments are other terms you’ll hear thrown around. But the bottom line is–and this is different than for all of those topical treatments you’ve heard about, and all of those pills–lasers are safer and more successful than the methods of the past.

Laser face treatments are popular these days, especially for women in NYC or other major cities. It’s important to feel good about you and your skin, especially, when you’re surrounded by so many other women (and so many men). And one important thing to remember is that laser treatments generally require no downtime, so you’re free to keep going to work and out with the girls even just after your treatments. And it won’t take many to notice a difference. In fact, most people notice a difference after even the first trip.

But okay, let’s step back for a minute and recommend a few specific treatments. As I said, they’re all good, but here are some of the newest and best:

1. Fractional laser resurfacing – this method results in even less of a chance of scabbing or other minor issues. Check it out.

2. Plasma skin resurfacing – despite the super-hi-tech name, this is actually a straightforward process, and it leaves the upper layer of your skin untouched while it cleans the lower layers. A good choice for those on the go, and a good option for anyone. Infrared works much the same way and is another good option.

3. Erbium – this one’s best for minor wrinkles, and it’s been around longer than some of the other new methods. Still worth considering.

That’s about it. Next time you head to your spa, be sure to check out their treatment plans and speak with someone about the wonderful world of lasers.

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