Laser hair removal on back hair | Reducing Back Hair for Good

laser hair removal on back

Laser hair removal on back hair | Reducing Back Hair for Good

Laser hair removal on back hair is a top-notch procedure that helps eliminate hair from this notoriously hairy part of the body. SKINNEY Medspa was featured on Spotlyte, a beauty website, backing the proven method. The article titled, Why 1 Man Traded Waxing His Back For Laser Hair Removal, discusses the step-by-step process of the laser treatment. Years ago, laser hair removal was a lengthy and uncomfortable procedure. SKINNEY Medispa, a state-of-the-art wellness center, is using the latest laser technology, making it quick and nearly painless.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal on back hair is a proven process that reduces unwanted body hair for good. It typically works well on hair with pigment – allowing the laser to focus on the dark melanin in the hair. Co-founder of SKINNEY Medspa, Adriana Martino, told Spotlyte that the ideal candidate is someone with light skin and dark coarse hair.

Making sure a spa uses the most up to date lasers will make a world of difference in results and comfort level. SKINNEY Medspa uses Alma Harmony XL Lasers, which are said to be fast, effective, and painless.

“Traumatic was the exact opposite of my experience at SKINNEY. The flagship location is bright, clean, and bustling with doctors, nurses, and licensed technicians,” said Spotlyte.

According to Spotlyte, laser hair removal on back hair is quick and painless, with the sensation feeling similar to being snapped with rubber bands. “The level of discomfort is said to really depend on the area. I’ve heard that other parts of the body – such as the front of your neck and chest – can be more painful, but I found the back and shoulders to be completely tolerable.”

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When Will I See Results?

Trading in waxing for laser hair removal on back hair is a great alternative. SKINNEY says a typical customer needs between six and eight treatments to see permanent results. It is important to space the treatments four to six weeks apart.

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“Each time you come in the hair will become more sporadic, finer, thinner, and lighter, and it will take longer to grow back in between sessions,” said Martino.”

Before and after pictures of laser hair removal show outstanding results. Spotlyte reports that halfway through the treatment series, the effects are beginning to show.

“The hair on my upper back is coming back incredibly sparsely, if at all. Mentally, I’m way happier about my back hair “situation” now than I was in the beginning, and I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to say goodbye to back hair forever.”

Laser Hair Removal on Back Hair Near Me

Eliminating hair on the body is easier than ever. SKINNEY Medspa has three convenient locations in Manhattan that can assist with your health and wellness needs. Spotlyte calls laser hair removal on the back a game-changer. Is it right for you? Schedule a consultation by calling (212) 754-6639.

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