Kyle Richards Beauty Secrets Revealed by Marisa Martino for Life & Style

kyle richards

Kyle Richards Beauty Secrets Revealed by Marisa Martino for Life & Style

Life & Style magazine’s popular ‘Knife Styles of the Rich and the Famous” segment  takes a look at Kyle Richards, star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and garners the advice of plastic surgeons and skincare professionals to deconstruct the various cosmetic treatments Richards undergoes to maintain her Hollywood looks.

Kyle Richards is not ashamed to “owning up to nips and tucks” explains Life & Style, “in 2013, she admitted to getting both a nose job (‘My nose bothered me for a long time,’ she said) and liposuction.”

Kyle Richards Eyes and Brow

After  cosmetic  surgery, Kyle Richards has gone a less invasive route to combat the signs of aging. She told Life & Style  “I do Botox three times a year. I try to keep it minimal.” And according to the expert advice  “that’s the right approach. ‘Kyle is doing a great job maintaining her youth’ says Marisa Martino, NYC based laser skin specialist,”  and co-owner of SKINNEY Medspa.  The experts believe Kyle is getting “Botox injections around her eyes to help erase crow’s feet. ‘It can last 3 to 5 months,’” says one dermatologist, which “costs anywhere from $600-$800.”

Life & Style believes Kyle does not limit her BOTOX use to just diminish her crow’s feet, adding “Kyle’s forehead is smooth and her brows appear lifted, both of which can be achieved with Botox.”

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Kyle Richards and Flawless Skin

According to a dermatologist interviewed by Life & Style Kyle Richards “doesn’t have a lot of signs of sun damage on her face…This can be achieved with laser resurfacing.”  A Cosmetic surgeon tells Life & Style the laser treatment could be Fraxel, a popular laser treatment designed to “diminish fine lines, erase brown spots and shrink pores.”


Along with laser skin resurfacing, Kyle Richards may be using microneedling, which stimulates collagen production in the skin. One expert for Life & Style believes this may have  “helped with her skin quality. She looks very good!”

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With judicious use and expert application, noninvasive cosmetic treatments may be the secret of why Kyle Richards “looks very youthful, but still appropriate for her age.”

kyle richards



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