Summer Makeup Tutorial: How to Keep Makeup from Sweating Off

If you are a “glistening goddess,” you know “makeup and summer don’t mix, especially if you’re someone who wears a full face of makeup everyday,” say Phoebe Waller, in her article for Bustle Mag. Warmer weather and sunny days pose challenges for the perfect summer makeup look. Keeping makeup in place and preventing it from sweating off is a common cosmetic debacle when the days are hot and sunny. To help readers of Bustle  keep their summer makeup in pristine form, Waller asks experts “from MUAs to dermatologists,” for advice on “how to stop your makeup sweating off when the weather gets balmier.”


Prep Your Skin with Oil-Controlling Moisturizer

During summer, the less makeup you can get away with, the better. To help decrease the amount of makeup you need, you should prep your skin for sunny, warm weather by using a “hydrating but non-greasy product” says a makeup artist for Bustle. “It makes the makeup go on smoother and you’ll need less of it, but it also won’t create an oil slick on your face.”


Remember, with summer makeup “less is more.” You can even substitute full coverage foundation “for a tinted moisturizer that is lightweight and contains high sunscreen” says Bustle.

Adding further explanation for this great summer makeup tip, Bustle interviews Adriana Martino, skincare expert and co-owner of SKINNEY Medspa, the leading skin and laser spa in NYC. Martino suggest readers “First…need to use a pore minimizing or gel moisturizer to help slow down the oil production…Second,” she continues, “seal it in with a good hyaluronic acid. I love Medspa in a Bottle’s Water Molecule in a Bottle.”

Summer Makeup: Prep and then Prime

Once you’ve applied the best moisturizer for summer makeup, it’s time to prime. “After my skin is prepped I use a good skin primer,” says Martino, “I love the ones from Laura Mercier as they have customized options for several skin types.” And of course, “don’t forget your SPF,” she concludes.


One area summer makeup is most vulnerable to sweating off is around the eyes. Squinting and sweating from the brow are constant threats to eyeshadow on warm, sunny days. “An eyeshadow primer is essential for keeping your color on all day through the heat,” says Bustle makeup artist, especially if you are prone to “oily lids.”


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Great primers for summer makeup are mineral based sunscreens, explains a Bustle dermatologist. “Applying mineral sunscreens with high concentrations (like zinc oxide from 15-25 percent) actually act as primers for the skin. Since these sunscreens are designed to sit on the surface of the skin, they actually help with the adhesion of makeup to the surface as well.” In fact, it’s best to “avoid oil based makeup and foundation,” counsels another Bustle beauty expert.


Sweat-Proof Formulas are Ideal for Summer Makeup

The best makeup lines tend to make their mineral makeups with sweat proof formulas. Bustle dermatologist explains “High quality mineral makeup — that does not contain things like talc as a binding agent — is actually sweat proof.” Bustle provides readers with a way to test the quality of mineral makeup to see if it is really sweat proof. “You can always tell the difference between high quality versus low quality mineral makeup by dropping a small amount into a glass of water. The mineral component of mineral makeup will float to the surface of the water, so high quality versions will not have any sediment sink down.”


Mineral makeup is better activated by water, helping the minerals adhere to the skin, explains Bustle. This is “why many mineral makeups include hydration sprays to help apply them to the skin. You can even re-spray these hydration sprays throughout the day to help reactivate the mineral makeup and refresh its finish. These formulas are not only sweat-proof, but also water resistant for activities like swimming. At the same time, they are not occlusive and are good for the skin.”


Choosing the Best Makeup for Summertime

During the summer months, some types of makeup are more ideal for warmer seasons.


Waterproof Makeup

One obvious suggestion to keep summer makeup from sweating off is by using water proof makeup. As Bustle explains “waterproof makeup” especially waterproof mascara and waterproof eyeliner, “is an easy fix to combat the heat of the summer and being sweaty.”



Bustle tells readers “for a pop of color, try stains! They work wonders in humid weather. I love using lip and cheek stains for a lasting, sheer pop of color to brighten the day.”


Remember to Blot, then blot, then blot again.

Excess oil is a major culprit of summer makeup woes. When the skin is too oily, makeup is less likely to adhere and more susceptible to sweating off. One way to remove excess oil after you applied foundation is to “separate a 2-ply tissue and blot your face with it, then lightly powder. This step removes excess oil, ensuring that it doesn’t sit on top of your face and move your makeup throughout the day. Using a single layer of tissue is important because it leaves behind the perfect amount of pigment” says Bustle makeup artist.


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Keep blotting throughout the day to “help you look more matte in a jiffy,” concludes Bustle.


Learn More Tips for Keeping Summer Makeup From Sweating Off

Check out more tips for keeping summer makeup from sweating off by reading the full Bustle article by Phoebe Waller here.

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