Inexpensive Acne Treatment, Products & Tips that Clear Up Breakouts

Adult acne is a common cosmetic woe of both men and women. This skin malady that is associated with awkward teenage years can afflict adults well into their 30’s, 40’s and even 50’s. Fortunately there are effective acne treatments, and Hallie Gould, beauty writer at Byrdie reveals “expert advice and acne products that won’t break the bank” in her article “How to Get Rid of Breakouts Without Spending a Ton of Money.”

Are you on a clear skin diet?

Certain foods are linked with acne breakouts. Dairy consumption, in particular, is correlated with cystic acne, those pesky zits that form under the skin, usually around the chin and jaw line, leaving tender, inflamed red bumps that can last for weeks. Byrdie quotes a skin care expert who recommends people dealing with this type of adult acne “eliminate dairy for three full weeks, including yogurt, cheese, and milk. If you don’t develop any new cysts in this three-week time period, then this might be the solution to your problem.”


Get Discount Acne Medication

Acne medication can help clear breakouts, but whether over the counter or prescription, acne medication can leave a dent in your wallet. For advice on savings some money at the drugstore, Byrdie interviews SKINNEY Medspa’s own Dr. Hadley King, and NYC dermatologist. “ ‘Take advantage of coupons and promotions, even for prescription products,’ recommends Dr. Hadley King… ‘For example, there are coupons for prescription acne products like Aczone 7.5% Gel where you can pay no more than $15.’ ”

If your adult acne is a serious problem, professional acne treatment may be your best option. State of the art laser technology can clear skin, help eliminate acne, and even reduce the appearance of acne scars. 

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Over the counter acne products

If you do not have a prescription for acne medication, there are still effective options for treating adult acne that are available over the counter. These OTC acne medications usually run for a lot less than their prescription counterparts. When choosing an over the counter acne product, “look for any drugstore product with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid—these ingredients really do work. ‘Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser is a good acne wash for face or body acne,’ says King.”

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Exfoliate to promote clear skin

Exfoliating is a good way to prevent acne. Not only does exfoliating clear your skin of dead skin cells that are notorious for accumulating and trapping acne causing bacteria in your pores, but exfoliating also helps acne products work better. “Active ingredients have a hard time performing at their best if dead cells are in the way. Use a gentle, round-grained facial scrub twice a week” Explains Byrdie and quotes Dr. Hadley King who explains that exfoliating can be as simple as washing your face with a “warm soapy washcloth.” Of course, make sure your washcloth is clean. Unsanitary wash clothes can cause acne.

To read more tips from Byrdie on how to treat acne on a budget, check out the full article here >>.

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