How the Pros Are Treating Hyperpigmentation and Dark Spots


How the Pros Are Treating Hyperpigmentation and Dark Spots

 Hyperpigmentation is troubling for many men and women. Dark spots that appear on the skin can be caused from acne, permanent discoloration in the form of sunspots, or melasma. SKINNEY Medspa in NYC was featured on the lifestyle website, Real Simple, discussing ways to help reduce dark pigmentation from the skin.

Adriana Martino is the founder of SKINNEY Medspa in NYC and says hyperpigmentation can be triggered from UVA and UVB rays, which develops sunspots on the skin. “Genetics and hormones can also be a factor, particularly in the case of pregnancy mask. Additionally, inflammation (including acne) can create a red hyperpigmentation that lingers for months,” said Martino.

Dealing with hyperpigmentation is now easier than ever, according to the experts. Whether you have temporary or permanent dark spots, there are solutions to help lighten the color and quicken the recovery time.

Treat Your Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is treatable and there are more options to lessen the symptoms, according to skincare experts. Topical Retinoid is a key product you should keep handy at all times. The article in Real Simple explains that retinoids fade dark spots because of more cell turnover. It is a product that typically works for everyone, unless you have very sensitive skin. There are options to choose from: over-the-counter or a prescription acid. The professionals note that these products can take up to three months before you will notice the effects.

Another option to help with hyperpigmentation, is hydroquinone. This product works to physically lighten dark spots on the skin. It is especially great for people dealing with melasma. This one is also available over-the-counter and in prescription form. Doctors report that this should be applied at night. Also, do not forget to use sunscreen in the morning. Hydroquinone takes four to six weeks to show results, if you are using the product consistently.

Glycolic acid is best for men and women who hope to fade dark spots or hyperpigmentation that is caused from acne.  It is an alpha hydroxy acid that has exfoliates and restores the dark spots. It creates a radiant complexion that brightens hyperpigmentation. The product can be found in creams, gels, cleansers, peels, or masks.

Intense Pulsed Light Photo Facial is the final treatment that the pros recommend. This is a quick way to rid your skin of dark spots. It uses scattered light that clings onto the hyperpigmentation and brings it to a superficial state. It then flakes off. If you need instant gratification, this is the treatment for you. IPL can show great improvement after one session, but three to five sessions over five months will show the best results.

Hyperpigmentation Treatments Near Me

SKINNEY Medspa is a premiere health and wellness spa in Manhattan. At three locations, our team of professionals can recommend skincare that works for you. Interested in an IPL treatment? Book a consultation by calling (212) 754-6639.

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