How to Get Rid of Dark Circles, Bags Under Eyes, Crow’s Feet & more

Learn solutions for how to get rid of dark circles, under eye bags, drooping eyelids, crow’s feet and sagging brows.

The area around the eyes is the first to get hit with the signs of aging. Crows feet, fine lines, puffiness, dark circles, and droopy eyelids can appear starting in your 30’s and 40’s. And as Bazaar Mag admits that “concealer can hide only so much,” in its article The Latest Ways To Anti-Age Your Eyes. If you really “want to actually turn back the clock” Bazaar says the “newest in office procedures and products” available at NYC skin spas may be the way to do it.

Read on to learn how professional cosmetic treatments can diminish fine lines such as crow’s feet and brow wrinkles, lift sagging eyelids, and diminish dark circles that form under the eye.

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles & Under Eye Bags

For those wanting to know how to get rid of dark circles or diminish under eye bags, cosmetic injections may be your answer. Dermal fillers, or tissue fillers are a type of cosmetic injection consisting of a volumizing substance. They are often used by doctors to improve signs of aging around the eyes. While dermal fillers may be used to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, they are especially effective at getting rid of dark circles, or bags that form under the eyes that make a person look tired and aged.

Under eye bags, or dark circles look worse due to shadows created by fat loss. As we age, the facial fat that keeps our skin looking plump and healthy breaks down, causing sunken troughs below the eyes. Boltero, which is a dermal filler using Hyaluronic Acid, a natural substance created by your body, can add volume and plumpness to the under eye, effectively diminishing the appearance of dark circles or under eye bags, helping individuals look younger and more refreshed. Obviously, when undergoing dermal fillers or Botox to improve the signs of aging around the eyes, it is important to go to an experienced doctor who specializes in cosmetic treatments.

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Drooping Brows and Sagging Eyelids

As we age, the collagen and elastin which is responsible for keeping skin taut and young looking begins to break down and slow in production, and as a result, our skin begins to sag. One area of sagging that receives the most complaints is the upper eyelid. Drooping brows make us look older and more tired. For severe skin laxiety, a blepharoplasty or surgical eye lift may be the most effective solution, but for people wanting to avoid cosmetic surgery, minimally invasive treatments such as Ultherapy and Thermage are available and clinically proven to lift drooping brows and tighten sagging eyelid skin.

Ultherapy uses ultrasound therapy to lift sagging skin by stimulating collagen production, and has been shown to lift brows that sag. Thermage is used to tighten loose skin on the eyelids. It uses radiofrequency waves to stimulate collagen and firm hooded skin on the upper eyelids.

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Crows Feet

Botox is the world’s most popular, minimally invasive cosmetic treatment, and it is great for diminishing crow’s feet, or the cluster of fine lines and wrinkles that form around the outer corner of the eye. Botox, and other neurotoxins such as Dysport relax the muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles.

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 Laser Skin Treatments for Aging Eyes

FRAXEL is a popular cosmetic laser treatment used to diminish fine lines that form around the eye, including crows feet, as well as the wrinkles that form on the upper eyelids. It does this by stimulating the body’s own collagen production. FRAXEL can be used in conjunction with other anti-aging treatments such as Botox, Dermal Fillers, and Thermage.

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