High Tech Facials Are the Ultimate in High End Skincare

high tech facialsHigh Tech Facials Are the Ultimate in High End Skincare

Allure writer Sarah Kinonen wrote about her High Tech Sparkling Rosé Facial from SKINNEY Medspa in the article “I Got a Rosé Facial Because I’m Beyond Basic.” Although the Sparkling Rosé was the highlight of her visit to SKINNEY Medspa, Kinonen wrote extensively about her entire experience, detailing the stages that make up the skincare regime of  High Tech facials.

High Tech Facials Consultation

High Tech Facials from SKINNEY Medspa begin with a free consultation with a skincare professional. You will discuss the various facials and customize a treatment plan personalized for your skin type, skin conditions, and desired outcomes. Kinonen explains that during her consultation she and her skincare professional “chatted about my skin type, which is on the sensitive side and highly prone to redness, so she advised we completely skip a step in the treatment (a chemical peel) in favor of keeping me from venturing out into the New York City heat beet-red post-facial.”

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Deep Cleansing Facial

After the consultation, High Tech Facials begin with cleansing the skin. Kinonen reported her facialist “double-cleansed my skin with the Skinney Medspa Beauty Oil, an elixir blended with anti-inflammatory moringa, and then followed it up with the creamy Skinney Medspa Green Tea Cleanser to remove makeup, dirt, and whatever else was still caked onto my skin after hours of walking around in the city sludge (ed note: Out of all the products used on me during the facial, this cleanser was probably my favorite. It smelled so good).”


After the skin is cleansed High Tech Facials move onto the Hydrofacial Machine. Kinonen describes the benefits of a Hydrafacial reporting it “deeply cleanses and softens the pores, and lifts away impurities, while removing sebum and blackheads.”

Exfoliating Facial

Kinonen goes on to explain the next step in a High Tech Facial from SKINNEY Medspa, “Once my pores were softened and stripped clean, it was time for a little exfoliating action with the Skinney Medspa Microderm in a Bottle, a gritty scrub formulated with bamboo beads to whisk away dead skin cells, along with nourishing pumpkin extract to soothe. After a few minutes of exfoliating massage.” Lastly, Kinonen said her facialist “placed a steam machine over my face to really pull out the gunk deep down in my pores.”

High Tech Sparkling Rosé Facial

Kinonen’s skin was then ready for the featured facial using Sparkling Rosé, which you can read about in detail here. Kinonen says “after taking a few selfies while wearing the mask, Malachowski slowly peeled off the treatment — all in one go! — and then placed my face under an LED light.”

LED High Tech Facials

Kinonen notes LED Facials “help reduce redness and inflammation.”  LED Face Masks or LED Facials use different wavelengths of colored light to penetrate the skin and stimulate collagen. LED facials can also destroy the bacteria that causes acne and improve skin tone.

Kinonen explains the LED stage of High Tech Facials saying “the light was suuuper bright for the first 30 seconds or so, but thankfully my eyes got used it, and I quickly dozed off before my 15 minutes were up under the sun were up.

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Water Molecule in a Bottle

To finish off her High Tech Facials, Kinonen says her facialist  “doused my skin in the hyaluronic acid-based Skinney Medspa Water Molecule in a Bottle for extra hydration and dewiness. The result? My skin was glowing.”

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