Hair: Why We Have it, and How We Remove of It

Hair: Why We Have it, and How We Remove of It

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Ladies, you’ve probably sat down at some moment in time and wondered about exactly why we have such a fascination with hair. I mean, women love it on men, and men love it on women. We’re always proud when our children grow that “head of hair,” and always disappointed when our men lose it or it even starts receding. But as soon as we see it on ourselves in any place but on the head, we freak out! Why is this, and is it worth doing anything about our little problem?

Well, the purpose of hair, as many of you know, used to be to keep us warm in just the right places. A little underarm hair, for instance, could help us from losing some of our heat. It also helped a bit with camouflage back in the days of real “hunter-gatherer” cultures (okay, there still are some, but if you’re reading this, you’re probably not part of one). Hair can even “feel” things, so it helps us sense anything out of the ordinary in our environment that we need to be aware of.

Well, if you’re living in a city, or near a city, or just a cosmopolitan enough lady to be considering permanent hair reduction in the first place, you know we’ve sort of outgrown our real need for hair anywhere but on our head (where it really, really helps to keep us warm–we lose the most heat from our head and from our feet!). So it’s not “unnatural” to remove our excess hair, ladies; in fact, we’re just helping our bodies catch up to the real world a bit faster than evolution is. And the modern world and the “modern” aesthetic are all about purity, cleanness, and laying it all on the line for the eye to see. Not having that faint little shadow above the lip or those few pesky hairs in the armpits making things look messy.

So, what’s the best hair removal method? For many men and women, Laser hair removal, by far, is the best option. Hair removal is best done by a trained professional in a professional spa or medical setting. You can be looking your best in no time, getting down to the real you, and saying goodbye and no thanks to those little hairs once and for all. Laser hair removal side effects are rare and generally quite minor, and the process can stop your hairs from growing in all those wrong places for life, often in just a few treatments. It’s really amazing, and a great way to help your body catch up with the modern world now, leaving all those hairs behind.*

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